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Beginning in the 1950s with the surf rock groups like Jan & Dean to rap artists like Dr. Dre, Los Angeles has maintained a tradition of producing some of the most successful musical groups around. With countless venues and clubs that line the busy streets, there is never a shortage of live music.

In the late 1950s, L.A. helped initiate the wave of surfer music by introducing iconic bands such as The Surfaris and The Beach Boys. As the popularity of surfer music declined and the psychedelic rock of the hippie movement took over, Los Angeles was on the vanguard of musical innovation with the success of bands such as Buffalo Springfield, The Byrds, and The Doors. In the early 1970s, there was once again a musical shift and emerging from this era were L.A. natives, The Eagles and the popular funk band, War.

The next decade brought about punk rock and glam metal, and like it had in the past, the city was once again adding its own unique style to the popular sounds of the day. Groups like Black Flag, Motley Crue, Social Distortion, and Quiet Riot, all gained notoriety in their respective circles and once again put L.A. on the map. However, as these groups gave way to alternative and ska-punk, bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime, Rage Against The Machine, and NOFX began to emerge and gain popularity.

In addition to claiming some of the most successful bands, L.A. became the hub of west cost rap artists in the late 1980s. Early performers such as Ice-T and N.W.A. were among the first to bring the west coasts gangsta rap to the forefront. Later on, artists like Snoop Dogg, Tupac Shakur and N.W.As own Dr. Dre would further the credibility and popularity of the genre.

Los Angeles is also home to a list of famous clubs and popular venues such as the House of Blues and the Brown Derby. The House of Blues showcases popular entertainers on a regular basis with most recent performances from The Roots and Stephen Stills. The historic Brown Derby has been a popular place for many Hollywood stars over the years and the club also helped spawn the resurgence of swing music in the late 1990s and the career of local band, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

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  • Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ke...
  • Musician | Los Angeles, California, 90026
  • Alternative, Classic Rock, Rock, Pr...
  • Active within 24 hours

Oddio Alchemist

  • Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocalist, Backg...
  • Musician | Los Angeles, California, 90066
  • Jazz, Electronic, Rock, Progressive
  • Active within 24 hours

Tarry McHailen

  • Vocalist, Vocalist - Baritone, Vocalist - Tenor, Rhythm Guit...
  • Musician | Los Angeles, California, 90005
  • Alternative, Other, Electronic, Roc...
  • Active within 24 hours


  • Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ba...
  • Musician | Los Angeles, California, 90068
  • Alternative, Funk, Punk, Rock
  • Active within 24 hours

Crazy Wolf

  • Vocalist - Baritone
  • Musician | Los Angeles, California, 90036
  • Alternative, Jazz, Other, Rock
  • Active within 24 hours

Mad Moon Riot

  • Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Dr...
  • Musician | Los Angeles, California, 91307
  • Rock
  • Active within 24 hours


  • Vocalist, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboard, Piano, Background Singe...
  • Musician | Los Angeles, California, 91604
  • R&B, Jazz, Funk, Pop
  • Active within 24 hours


  • Drums, Background Singer
  • Musician | Los Angeles, California, 91041
  • Alternative, Heavy Metal, Classic R...
  • Active within 24 hours


  • Band | Los Angeles, California, 90403
  • Alternative, Acoustic, Rock
  • Active within 24 hours


  • Lead Guitar, Vocalist
  • Musician | Los Angeles, California, 90041
  • Alternative, Heavy Metal, Punk, Roc...
  • Active within 24 hours


  • Drums, Other Percussion
  • Musician | Los Angeles, California, 90066
  • Heavy Metal, Punk, Other, Progressi...
  • Active within 24 hours

Downtown Swede

  • Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ba...
  • Musician | Los Angeles, California, 90018
  • Blues, Classic Rock, Southern Rock,...
  • Active within 24 hours


  • Band | Los Angeles, California, 90028
  • Heavy Metal, Rock
  • Active within 24 hours

Buddy Zappa

  • Vocalist, Vocalist - Tenor, Vocalist - Soprano, Rhythm Guita...
  • Musician | Los Angeles, California, 90293
  • Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, Rock
  • Active within 24 hours


  • Vocalist
  • Musician | Los Angeles, California, 90230
  • Alternative, Heavy Metal, Rock, Pro...
  • Active within 24 hours

Ezequiel Dobrovsky

  • Keyboard
  • Musician | Los Angeles, California, 90004
  • Alternative, Other, Pop, Rock
  • Active within 24 hours