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Thank you for visiting, My name is Frank & I am a guitar player who sings & writes his own music, who has studied & practiced music for over 29 years. I can try to explain all of the knowledge I have but simply put it is the music created with that knowledge that speaks for itself.

I started playing music when I was very young before my teens as something fun to do,all of this before Mtv was available everywhere, it will always be something fun to do & share with others who do not play. I started as just an instrumentalist with no vocals playing the organ & learning how to read sheet music at 7 years old. That is also when I learned to arrange music since the organ allows a player to incorporate all of the basics to a song from a back beat to melody line as well as chords & a bass line.

Later on I picked up the guitar. Started singing in order to not depend on a person to just sing & since playing the organ you have to play more than one thing at the same time singing after a while came second nature. As well as through different band projects I learned it's difficult to get people organized to play in a band as it is, so by having one less person to organize with like the singer seem best to me if I can do it myself.Plus I'm not here to be babied I'm here to play!

The first song I learned to play was Beethoven's 9th symphony.

Currently looking for a Feminine Female Bass Player as well as a Male or Female Drummer & Male or Female Second Lead-Rhythm Guitar Player with over 3 years experience within instrument knowledge, having said that there are exceptions to this if you're good enough well you're good enough. For a local act that will be like no other within the metal genre. Realistic goals & expectations pertaining to typical band stuff.Team player mentality works best. Pay determined by the how much the gig pays to be split evenly.

I would prefer to work with the bassist first before picking up the rest of the band, due to in my opinion it would be rude for me to play with the drummer without the bass player, specially since I don't want to play out as a band without the bass player I have in mind.But, if you're a drummer or lead/rhythm guitar player & can find or already know a female bass player along the lines of what I am looking for, I am open to teams or couples.

All interested musicians may contact me for an audition at:
or call & leave a message at 407-749-3602

If you have any questions before making the decision to audition feel free to ask.

FM Talent Department located in the Buenaventura Lakes area of Kissimmee. I am looking for players within a 12 mile maximum distance for me to practice at their place in order to exchange where practice is held some at my place others at another players place or practice space if they have one. If you live further than 12 miles for practicing purposes if you want to practice at my location every time is fine, but I cannot go further than 12 miles for practice. Unfortunately gas prices make a low over head habit begin at for practice distance measurements. Distance for actual gigs is all related to what they pay.

The following are some things that may help you as far as questions are concerned:

All bass guitar parts for my originals are transcribed to tablature already so you don't have to figure anything out in easy to read form, for drummers I would really like to work with a drummer that can take notes & knows how to listen well, as in can find a groove, this works best in live situations depending on the night or the crowd sometimes you have to find the groove a bit, keeps things interesting. All second lead-rhythm guitar players will be playing rhythm mostly on my originals unless new songs are written as a group, but will play mostly lead in any cover songs selected & we'll have to play some covers to get started.

Bass players, Lead Rhythm Guitar players all you would have to bring is your amp head & instrument for auditions & practice I have a board & a sound system that can handle all instruments professionally. As well as it is electric drums friendly if you're a drummer that has an electric kit for practice purposes or auditions. But I do have a half electric half acoustic kit you can audition with to not fuss with all of that just to audition, but do bring your own sticks, nothing too heavy either the toms are all electric.

Looking for individuals that want this to be a fully working band project not a hobby.As well as dedicated to making this a fun-safe-professional work-playing-practice environment.Looking to set up a steady practice regiment until songs are well learned to then ease off the practice & concentrate more on playing out live, to the point that practice would be more to just learn or write new songs. If you also sing & write your own songs or would like to collaborate is all a plus.

Non-smokers please or if you smoke be considerate.
18-up only. No illegal drug users please. Drinkers- not during practice or while playing gigs as a goal.

I have played plenty of venues in the growing Florida Scene, I've done it all from street performing to playing clubs, festivals, all as a part of my endless musical quest. I have plenty of studio experience & do my own recordings. Most songs here are recordings I have made at home & I play all of the instruments you hear as well. So I am familiar with all of the issues related to all of the instruments in recordings, playing in general, mixing, maintenance & performing live with them.

I also like to collect theories within what could be the big bang theory about music, like:
The earliest forms of music probably arose out of the natural inflections of the voice in speaking. It would be very easy to sustain the sound of the voice on one particular note, & to follow this by another sustained note at a higher or lower pitch. This, although rude, would constitute music.

We may also easily conceive that several persons might be led to join in a rude chant of this kind. If one acted as a leader, others, guided by the natural instinct of their ears, would imitate him, & thus we might get a combined unison song.

It's important that all band mates are into the songs they are playing, if the band's not into it how do you expect the fans to get into it. Which is also the reason it is important that all members in a group share as many musical interests & goals as possible.This creates the proper atmosphere, environment that creates musical solidarity. Which is what you want to project as a band at all times.

I also have a belief in psychology for musicians, that there is such a thing, like:
........practice done without concentration is a psychological sin for which, if your aims are serious, you will sooner or later pay dearly.
.........remember, in this realm of the feelings, that pleasure & happiness are not to be truly measured by quantity but by quality;not by amount , but by depth. If you are fond of cigarettes, & are a judge of them, would you rather have a single first class one, or a dozen poor specimens? If you desire cricket, would you rather see a pro bat for five minutes, or watch me do it for an hour? Happiness is a frame of mind, not a thing to which standards of measurement can be applied; pleasure is an incident, being your reaction to a stimulus. I think all of us would rather be deeply touched for a moment, than made to purr for ten minutes.

The common sense of technique, & how by developing a technique you speed up your learning process of new songs or actual new techniques, as well as it's technique in itself to stay in the pocket.

What is the difference between a pro & an amateur? Without thinking of money-an amateur can be satisfied with knowing a fact, a pro must know the reason why. An amateur practices until he can do a thing right, a pro until he can't do it wrong.

Here is a good way I found to describe this:

Basic Practice Rules:
1. Study the piece to be learned away from your instrument before you try to play it. Note the tempo, time & key signature, number & length of phrases, fingerings, accidentals, staccatto marks, etc. If rhythmical difficulties appear, clap out the particular measure.

2. Play through the whole composition in order to gain a superficial idea of it.

3. Omit any attempt at nuance / variations or playing it differently from how it's supposed to be played for the first days.

4. Learn one phrase at a time.

5. Play slowly enough so that the eye can see & translate every detail to the brain & fingers or hands arms legs. If the first visual impression is correct, each successive repetition of the phrase will speed up it's technical mastery. Pretend you are making an impression in wax or clay. Once the groove is established it remains & tends to be followed.

6. Isolate the most difficult technical passages & repeat them a set number of times.

7. Do not consider interpretation or adding your own version of it until these preliminary steps are mastered.

They say that less frequently, musical genius will appear in a child who is the product of uneducated parents, with no known music in the background. Thus music inheritance can often be traced to a parent or grandparent, though a generation may be skipped ................

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All needed to make it work, transportation, P.A., lights, pro recording equipment including mastering, HD Video with lights capabilities, CD making capabilities including shrink wrap packaging for selling CD's online or at shows.