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Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Drums, Bass Guitar.


Thank you for visiting, my name is Frank, I am a guitar player -lead singer-songwriter who has over 15 years of playing & recording experience.

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I started playing & studying music at an early age, & since have switched instruments several times over with a preference for the guitar & vocals. I come from a very musical family so I was always surrounded by music, music is simply just something we do.

So I have continued my musical education, through several teachers & by myself, researching all I could through the libraries as well as books & the internet. I have extensive knowledge of music theory, history & psychology, I also can read-write & play off of sheet music as well as tablature.

Music to me is more than a hobby, so I like to play with people that enjoy it as much as I do, and want to do it full time.

Over the years I have come across many different situations as far as playing in bands is concerned, & it all can be simply put to add up to in my opinion mutual respect is the better way to achieve a great playing environment, as well as the better driver behind success.

To make it even simpler it is about having an attitude of success or bust. As well as an appreciation of everyone's skills & what they bring to the table.

I am looking for 2 female bass players at the least, as well as a drummer & another rhythm/lead guitar player, if they also sing it's a plus, if you don't have singing experience so far why not give it a shot here, we'll work on it during practice and make it a part of the live act as soon as it's ready to be.Drummers & guitar players can be male or female, contact me only if you don't mind waiting until I get the right female bass players for this project.

I want to get a mostly metal project going that will go & play anywhere they will have us.I have played live in all different kinds of venues and scenarios.

I already have the project going on the internet with me playing all of the instruments, so what I need players for is to take the show live to the venues & the fans, the band is in the top 40 locally for metal bands at, the band already has twitter & my space pages as well, just looking to introduce the rest of the players, it's a modern medieval theme with a metal soundtrack. With about 14 original songs not including covers.All songs have drums, bass & guitar parts already written. So you wouldn't have to write a thing to get started to go play live ASAP. Also looking to collaborate to write more songs.But if you don't like to write I don't mind writing the bass, guitar or drum parts as needed.

And open as far as metal-hard rock covers, specially if you can sing them yourself.I am specifically looking for female bass players for several reasons, one of them is to give the bass that unique female interpretation, as well as bring a sense of balance to the band.A sense of balance in the same vein as having all of the elements fire-water-wind-earth.Plus I have played or collaborated with female musicians in the past. This is not a grunge casual stage look type project. Get creative with your stage wear. Drummers don't have to be creative with their stage wear since they need to move a lot, wear what's comfortable to enable playing but still not looking casual, there's nothing casual about playing live!

18 & up only please, but if 17 & about to be 18 in a year contact me with your parents permission please.Also I am only looking for players for my band project so I'm not looking to join any bands, but I will jam out for fun or help collaborate with just the writing & recording with the right project mostly meaning nothing rap, country, in Spanish or religious please, anything pop, rock, acoustic, metal is ok, regardless of if it is for pay or not, all practice is good.

For my project- players other than female bass players please have over 2 years instrument knowledge & practice, all players please have personal transportation & musical equipment.

It is very important to me that the music played live is music all band members like, as well as within the writing process of future songs I like to take into consideration the favorite styles of any band members within the metal-hard rock genre that they would prefer to do or would like to do. I would prefer to work with players that really enjoy this genre and all of the songs we're playing.

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Led Zeppellin,AC/DC, KISS,Joan Jett, Sex Pistols, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Danzig, Misfits, Black Sabbath, Metallica,Megadeth,Dio, WASP, Classical Music: Beethoven, Mozart, Bela-Bartok.


All needed to make it work, transportation, P.A., lights, pro recording equipment including mastering, HD Video with lights capabilities, CD making capabilities including shrink wrap packaging for selling CD's online or at shows.