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Mediocre beat keeper with a compliant personality who will selflessly serve your interests in a zero-hassle manner, as long as my participation doesn’t cost me anything.

For those who haven’t figured it out, the “anyone but me” photo is a random image of total strangers from an internet search of the term “bar band”. The issue for me in this photo (and dozens of similar photos) is that the drummer is positioned all the way rearward, with every speaker cabinet in front of him facing forward … And don’t bother placing a monitor with your vocals in it near the drums, that won't solve the issue because I am not trying to mix my drums with your voice, and I just don’t have the required “talent” to play under these conditions. Sorry.

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Dec 06 2007
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Listen and form your own opinion. Be sure to have some audio of your own, so that I may do the same.


I have more than enough gear to make the gear haters hate.