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This is my drummer account. I have a band called HEX BLANKET which needs a SINGER, KEYBOARDIST and a BASSIST.

Much of the music needs to be practiced and put together, refined.

As the vocalist, bassist, keyboardist, for most part you'd already have lyrics/songs to sing, lines to play, ETC. You'd just need to be the right fit. So I need people.

My name is Johnny. EMAIL ME catfat94 hoohay IF YOU ARE INTERESTED. CHICAGO, IL ONLY

So while I'm here I was considering drumming for another band or 2. I'm a really great drummer, I just don't really practice much because I do not have a drumset any longer, plus have a LOT of work to do, which all involves music actually; I always have a LOT of stuff that needs decoding, my work, TRANSLATING the HELLFIRE LANGUAGE.

In the only band I've ever gigged with, EMANATE, we played at a few places like the Star Bar, Bada Brew, the House Cafe, but the most awesome show we EVER played was the Bottom Lounge. Greatest rock star experience ever as far as playing a show went !!! I included those performances in the video section to the left.

IF you wanna make music, then let's make music. The music I aim to make thru HEX BLANKET actually has a lot to do with the type of material I'm involved in and work with, and there are things I'd really like to experiment with in regards to programming efforts; there IS an agenda at hand here.

So you have my contact info, I think I'm pretty easy to get along with. We're looking for people like 18-27

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