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We're a band who plays in drop b tuning

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Jan 21 2005
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Bass Player wanted

Band in their early to mid 20’s looking for someone of like age, no younger than 18
Practice two nights a week in the SW Burbs/ Mokena area
We all have jobs and girlfriends but make the time for shows and regular practice
Please have equipment and a car. We’ve got bass gear on hand but unless you’re amazing or have a really great excuse you need your own

Everyone’s favorite part: the sound
Instead of listing 75 bands; we’ll break it down easy

NO: Numetal/ screamo or
Generic As I Lay Dying/Unearth metal hardcore or
Garage rock throwback bands
Looking like Kelso from that 70’s show isn’t cool, it’s a crime

We’re looking to play metal/hardcore influenced punk/alternative.
We have more in common with the pixies, glassjaw, snapcase, the red chord and mastodon, Every time I die then say, slipknot or Franz Ferdinand or my chemical romance.

Oh yea, I forgot the best part of these flyers:
We have a million friends in the music industry and they keep bugging us to play shows with them and they all worship our talents and tell us we’re the best band you’ve never heard!
As for our record contract, we’ve already got one because my friend’s uncle’s roommate’s brother from 84’ is totally Ozzy’s dry cleaner! We’re IN! (Note sarcasm)

If you’re an open minded person and likes to have fun and remember why people play music in the first place, call us

Call Bryan 708 253 9410 or Bob 815 483 4595
If you’re email savvy:

Email Bob – Drowninginflame808