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I am currently working on a Progressive/Power Metal thematic project. I am looking to form a band and am seeking a singer (baritone - tenor range, clean with a little edge somewhere between Bruce Dickinson and Russell Allen) and a 2nd guitarist (the idea is to play as a duet rather than rhythm and lead). I have a drummer and bass player at the moment.

I am looking to rehearse 2 to 3 times per month, at first, with remote writing in between. Computer access and transportation are a must, the ability to use programs like Reaper or Cakewalk Sonar 7 are a HUGE plus.

The theme is highly politically charged but the idea is to be more of a show than a platform, more epic than political but the topics focus on historic events of the 20th & 21st centuries (world war 2 especially), revolution & people's liberation and the failure of imperialism, capitalism & fascism. Symbolism is a huge part of the act so if you're not okay with standing on a stage draped with Communist flags then ... well.

I am looking for people that are somewhat seasoned between 30 & 40 (although I will not turn down younger people that are interested just because of age) with at least 10 years experience playing/singing with 1 or 2 years spent doing so regularly with others or in a band. I don't need pros ... I am not interested in paying someone to be in the band.

The concept and most of the song ideas and starts are things that I came up with on my own but I am not a ball hog. I am more interested in a group of people that work creatively together than in insisting my riffs are the way to go ... but I do think most of it is really cool & should serve as a good base. The concept and theme are not really negotiable but I will accept creative input that works toward the theme. I am very okay with being told that one of my ideas sucks but also expect others to be okay with it too.

Contact me at: crittertron g mail

About the above songs:

All of them are just fragments of each song & demo versions as well, most of these recorded as scratch tracks over 2 years ago.

1) Stay the Coarse: A song about American hypocrisy & empire.

2) COLLATERAL MURDER: A song about Apache crazyhorse18 & its operations on July 12 2007 in Baghdad. The crew exaggerated & lied about what they saw on the ground in order to get permission to fire on a group of men in the street claiming there were 5 to 6 men armed with AK47's & RPG's in truth only 1 man had a rifle, the rest were not armed & 2 of them were reporters with cameras. About 12 men were killed & 2 children were wounded ... they were visible to the crew before they opened fire. A video of this event can be found online.

3) WORLD SAVAGES , a song about how screwed up the Western view of the 3rd World is.

4) ALL HAIL THE GLORIOUS DEAD is the title track of the first album (totally up for discussion), a tribute to the fallen of all nations.

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Rehearsal space and the ability to record for writing, practice & distribution. Blackstar HT Studio 20 head (tube sound is a must). Ibanez and Ernie Ball. Reaper, Sonar 7, Guitar Rig 4.0, Line 6, Behringer, Sure, CAD, DeMarzio, I even have a custom sub-kick mic for the bass drum because it makes it sound like God.