Aaron Christiansen


Vocalist - Soprano, Bass Guitar, Drums, Other Percussion, Violin, Keyboard, Flute, Vocalist - Alto, Cello, Electronic Music.


Looking for musicians interested in modern psychedelic music, building on the base created in the 60s, without sounding like a 60 year old band. I have a s**t ton of pro gear. I am NOT interested in:

1) cover or tribute bands
2) collaborating online or swapping files online
3) blues, country, worship or classic rock

If you are not interested in sitting in a room with other musicians, playing real instruments, then we probably won't do well together. That being said, you can either message me here or at proletkult_us at ya who dotcom.

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Aaron Christiansen
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May 31 2019
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Gigs played:
10 to 50
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2-3 nights a week
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60s garage/psychedelic (think The Seeds or Electric Prunes)
70s krautrock/space rock (think Tangerine Dream, Hawkwind)
80s postpunk (think Joy Division, The Cure)
90s shoegaze/dreampop/trip hop (think Cocteau Twins, Slowdive, Portishead)

Instrument experience:

Rhythm Guitar:
Lead Guitar:
Electronic Music:


Guitars: Gibson Les Paul Studio Gem, Les Paul Studio Deluxe, Les Paul Tribute, SG Special; Fender Stratocaster (mim) and Telecaster (mim); Epiphone Sheraton II, ES-335 Pro; Lomic Apollo; Antonio Tsai SG; Squier VM Jaguar Bass, VM Jazzmaster; Takamine EG523SC
Amps: Bugera V55 (x2), Bugera BC30, Peavey VT 50 212 classic (x2)
Pedals: Empress Effects: Echosystem; GFI Systems: Synesthesia; Electro Harmonix: Mel 9, C9, Synth9, ModRex, Nano Stone Phase Shifter, Ravish, Memory Boy Deluxe, Lester K, Ocean's 12; IdiotboxFX No Moon; Digitech Giga Delay, JamMan Delay, Dirty Robot; AMT Electronics V1, F1, M2, O2, S2 preamps; Boss SY 300 guitar synth; Strymon Iridium; Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone; MXR 10 Band EQ; TC Electronics Flashback Triple Delay, Mimiq; Dunlop Crybaby Wah, GigFX Frampton signature wah; Tech 21: Rotary Choir, Blonde, VT Bass, Oxford; Lexicon MX400; Digitech Studio Quad: Earthquaker Devices Disaster Transport SR; Roger Linn Adrenalinn III

Keys: Multivox Electric Piano (70s); Korg Wavestate

Tascam DP-32SD digital recorder. Some mics (Rode, Shure, I think a couple AKGs) I currently run in a five amp set-up, left/center/right, kind of like Brian May, except I run a separate effects loop on the center channel than the L/R channels and separate stereo loop for the guitar synth.