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Hi! I'm Chris Richard.

I used to have a lengthy description here of what I'm all about. I'm learning slowly to just let the music speak for itself.

I am an online collaborator. To date, I have collaborated on two songs, both of which I wrote. Center of the Universe Remix includes the efforts of ZXYZ from Bandmix, contributed the riffs, and a former college colleague, David Benkowski, played lead guitar. Everyone I've known will soon include guitar from Bobby Alan and drums from I'm a Cabbage here on Bandmix. I've never physically met any of them!

I don't gig. (yet)

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The most important influences on me are those whose attitudes I can identify with.

The Tragically Hip, Frank Zappa, and Niel Young are closest to my mindset. They are all fiercely independent, Frank, of course, more than anyone. He is the original Indie musician. I think anyone that wants to be truly "Indie" should read his biography.

To some extent I agree that one can't help but be influenced by what one hears. But I don't spend a lot of time listening to music anymore, other than that which I'm creating at the time.

I've been told it reminds people of They Might be Giants more than once. Fisherman Bob (member here) once referred to it as "It's kind of like Mr. Roger's Neighborhood meets Devo meets political commentary." Personally, I consider it rather apolitical. I'm not sure where the Mister Rogers reference fits, but it works for me somehow.

They Might be Giants is the most interesting comparison, because I can say in all honesty I've never listened to them. Due to that simple fact, I can say they are definitely not an influence, but I am honored nonetheless, since, obviously, a lot of folks like them.

Other comments I've gotten here include:

"Sort of a Cake meets Red Peters meets...I dunno...Demitri Martin?"

"Talking Heads meets Col. Les Claypool."

"B-52's feel of Grab It"

There have been others I've forgotten. I'm flattered at them all.

The interesting thing is that out of all of them, I was only a mild fan of Cake at one time, and they didn't appear until after most of my writing had already been completed.

Those are just some of the reasons I can say my strongest influence is, well, me and the attitudes I learned and inherited from my parents and family.

Members Of Band

There is no band yet. It's just me, my guitar (most of the time), and my home studio equipment.


I play: Ibanez semi-hollow, Usually through a Johnson J-Station, and a 30-watt Roland Cube.

I write and record my own songs using:


Tascam 4-track (currently only as a mixer, since the rest is now all digital),

Roland TR-505 drum machine (for ease of programming), played through a:

Yamaha RY9 Drum machine (which is a pain to program - but has great voices),

Yamaha PSR-540 Keyboard Music Station (can't play it well at all, but can program it with Sibelius),

Roland MC-500 sequencer (for quick temp track storage of ideas only),

Sure SM57 for vocals and acoustic guitar only.

Mac Pro Desktop running Boot Camp installation of Windows Pro.

Compaq Presario with plenty of speed and RAM, equipped with:

Delta 1010 LT sound card (plenty of external inputs and outputs)

Running on the Mac:

Sibelius 5
Avid Express Pro 5
Adobe Premier Elements 4
Cakewalk Home Studio 2
Virtually every Open source program I could get my hands on, including:

Video and sound file converters (I can convert virtually any video or sound file from any popular format to any other popular format)

Audacity (of course!)

Running on the Compaq:

Cakewalk Home Studio 2

Pro Tools 7 (haven't used much yet, will be learning soon)

Reason 4, (which I haven't yet used at all, but will also be learning soon)

J-edit (Preset midi sound settings for the J-station)

This is a fairly complete description of my studio system. Everything but vocals and acoustic guitar is recorded direct-inject (no mikes).

To get the best idea of what I'm all about and the evolution of my production skills, visit my Web site at If you sign up for membership (yes, it's free, and only requires email validation), you will be able to access some older recordings I did many years ago, and compare them to later productions, some of which are the same songs. I was using some pretty decent stuff for the day on the early recordings. Ironically, most of it was found, given to me, or just plain crap. Visit the site for the full story.

Chris Richard