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Hi my name is Allen Sanford, First and foremost am a drummer though I play piano as well. I enjoy writing music and singing. I like Progressive, Classical music, Jazz, all types of Metal, Funk, Rock, Techno, Acoustic, Ska, Rap, Rockabilly, Big band, Polka, Blues, Old Country, Gothic, Horror Punk, Dub step, Folk, industrial, Irish music, Reggae, Some pop... Blah blah blah that list goes on forever. I enjoy most of what I hear in any music. Granted there are band's I will not listen to. I will say there are less bands that I hate than there are bands I like.
So I am looking for people to make albums and tour with. People that find improvisation to come natural and that are calm and relaxed who are without judgment, smart and open minded to the world and music. If that's in your scale range then maybe it would be cool to start a band. As long as you are wanting to play live shows often! I'm pretty comfortable playing any music. If we end up getting along and end up collaborating I'd play your songs or we could start from scratch. I have some music and more to come. Covers are cool I'm not counting them out though I enjoy writing new music more. I find it difficult to describe exactly what I'm looking for, because you never know what kind of music two people or even ten people could make together. I'll type a deeper description below if you care to read maybe it'll end up that you find what you are looking for and I join your band...If it's the right tune with myself of course. If you want to hear some of the music I have done (but not limited by) you can check out my You Tube channel
If you are interested in contacting me hit me up on Face book s://./allen.sanford.121
....I've been playing music since I was a kid starting with piano at a young age later took a few singing lessons. Started playing drums in 7th grade and has been my main instrument since then. So the drums/percussion and piano would be the two I have the most experienced in. As well as playing Jazz and classical percussion in band class's in school I was also in the brass section playing trombone all through Jr. High. With occasional practice on trumpet and tuba after school. Outside of school as a drummer I was in and out of local bands and enjoyed jamming with my uncles in a Megadeth cover band since 15 years old. As well as playing piano/Keyboard for personal projects. I have learned quite a bit of guitar throughout all the years and Due to past bands that are no longer together, past and present friends and because my uncle's are guitarists I picked up on Guitar, Bass and singing relatively quickly along the ol road. Still doing my best to learn every grain of information concerning music theory that I can about every instrument that I can get my hands on. At this point in time I am writing what people would call "Solo" music alone and it's been stressful but also fun and super rewarding. I'm was in two cover bands one was a 80's-90's Thrash Metal cover band that sadly doesn't play many shows. The other one is a 70's-80's hair metal band called Louder than Hell out of Orem Utah. We play shows here and there throughout Orem, Provo, Spanish fork, Heber and Salt Lake City area making around $30 a show (not so good for paying rent when you only get one show every few months). Currently I am in a 60's-70's based Psychedelic band called Tree Smith (and the Magic Marauders). It really is a lot of fun though the singer Tree Smith wrights all of the parts. I have no problem with that at all because I joined his project and I'd like to capture his vision. Plus the way I would write the drum parts isn't always vintage, being the sound he is looking for. So I'm more of a hired gun so to speak. But what I'm really looking for is a bad ass band that wants to get together write some solid music and start playing shows like crazy. I will write my own parts but would obviously open to suggestions as a band is a team and family. I didn't spend 20 plus years of my life learning music to play every one else's material. I would like to get to a point where income is made playing shows alone. I bet there are some people out there saying, "Music isn't about money Allen". I will agree that music is not about "The Money" but being a professional career musician is about paying the bills and no longer having to work that crappy retail or construction job ever again. If that makes any sense to you then we already have a goal in common. I'd like to get out of that work force lifestyle and make money doing what I love to do. There are plenty of places out there that if you bring enough people to a show you will make money. The trick is making the band and being good at it.

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Dream theater! Pink Floyd, Flying Colors, Big Elf, Behemoth, Type O negative, John Lennon, Korn, Danny Elfman, Kean, Frank Zappa, Moonspell, Queen, Megadeth, Within Temptation, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Buddy Rich, Madness, Iced earth, Mike Portnoy, Kiss, Roadrunner United, Ted Nugent, Avenged Sevenfold, Dragonforce, James LaBrie, StealHeart, Lamb of God, Oingo Boingo, Buckcherry, Metallica, Testament, Joe Satriani, King Crimson, Ozzy Osbourne, Winter Rose, Hank Williams III, Twisted Sister, Johann Sebastian Bach, John Myung, The Misfits, Eminem, Dimmu Borgir, Iron Maiden, Johnny Cash, Kind Diamond, Pantera, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Burn The Priest, Opeth, Jedi Mind Tricks, Kings Of nuthin', Rob Zombie, Meshugga, Gogol Bordello, Dr. Acula, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Slipknot, The Beatles, The Black Dahlia Murder, Revocation, John Petrucci, The Pogues, Nekromantix, Frank Sinatra, Primus, Immortal, Cream, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, In flames, The Aggrolights, Dio, Sepultura, Queensryche, Nightwish, Green Jelly, Slayer, Maylene and the sons of Disaster, The Clash, Zakk Wylde, DropkickMurphys, Black Label Society, Rush, Metal Church, Jordan Rudess, Black Sabbath, Murderdolls, Bob Dylan, Motley Crue, Winds of plague, Judas Priest, Bob Marley, Serenity, Devil Driver, Skrillex, bouncing souls, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Judge Dread, Brian Setzer, The Cramps, Danzig, Flotsam and Jetsam, Guns 'N' Roses, Into Eternity, Journey,

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5 piece maple Yamaha stage custom drum set 12'' high tom, 13'' mid tom,16'' floor tom, 22'' bass drum, 14'' Steel snare drum. Sabian cymbals 21'' HHX Dry ride, 20'' AA china, 20'' B8 ride, 18'' X-plosion crash, 16'' Vault crash, 14'' B8 Hi-hat, 12'' ice bell, 10'' stack. Evans drum heads, Taye PSK602C double bass drum peddle, Promark drum sticks). 6 String electric Guitar Grestch electromatic, 6 string electric Guitar Epiphone special II Ernie Ball strings (.10 gauge), Two 6 string nylon acoustic guitars one is a Grand-Suzuki the other is a Stagg electric acoustic both use D'addario normal tension nylon strings, Abilene 12 string acoustic, Two 4 string bass guitars one is a Westone spectrum STbass with D'addario strings (.100 gauge) the other is a Squire P-Bass Ernie Ball strings (.105 gauge), K-tone 6 string fretless bass guitar, Yamaha P-35 digital piano, radioshack MD-1700 keyboard (missing two keys), Fender Rumble100 bass amp and a Zoom R8 recorder.