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I'm heavily influenced by metal but also enjoy experimental music...mainly not the lyrics, the feeling. I like the idea of "Lacuna Coyle' but am not a huge fan (female alto with male scream/singing). It doesn't make me want to tear someone's face off, but the feelings their music can often evoke is excellent. I love songs like 'There is no business to be done on a dead planet'. I have been in chorus ever since I was young and know I would be a significant contribution to any band.

I am very open in music theory and wouldn't mind doing other types of music/ideas and will not limit myself. I have a very in your face personality but do not consider myself cocky.

I am very excitable and am very emotional. In that when I write lyrics, I reach into your very soul, rip it out and make you stare it in the face. If a soul has a face. Poetry and music are a release for me and I have yet to meet my musical match.

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Anything that Makes Your Heart Bleed. All Shall Perish, Black Dahlia Murder, Cradle of Filth, NIN, Boomkat, Devil Wears Prada, CSS, Goldfrapp, In Flames, Unearth, Pink, Killswitch, Rage, As I lay Dying, Korn, Metallica, Abigail Williams and countless others. It is impossible to name everything that influences me or could.


Will invest in equiptment for the right fit as I am just starting out.