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Joshua 1:9 Im a special needs kid that was vigorously deceived and crippled by the lawlessness of this fallen world a.k.a Satan. 2 Thessalonians 2: 1-12. Then on top of it I lost everything my daughter, my home, my wife, my mind, my heart, my foundation, my purpose, my hope and the devil himself convinced me that it was time to end it all. under the influence of satan, I wandered down the hall of the solitary house in cedar lake, IN shoved a 22 down my throat and said to god: if you're real you're gona have to save me because im done. (proceeded to pull the trigger) and 'something' smacked the gun out of my hand, and a round went off' I immediately fell on my face and felt the lord's warm comforting hand on my back and i closed my eyes in repentance and confession and he said: 'I never once left your side, I just want you to aknowledge me, and grow in wisdom alongside me. Point others unto me so they might not be incinerated eternally. Revelation 20:15 ... Zechariah 3:2 It is official that I was saved that dark evening of February 29, 2016. Now its about influencing our culture for change in a derelict cast system of lost souls hurting and dying. Seeking Human Rights Activists, or Modern Day Slavery Abolitiionist Ideals* I am Ignited with vision to start a Mobile Church. A platform for us to reclaim what satan tried to steal from us. Our destiny, to be the Jumper Cables in this world whose battery seemed to die from its level of infidelity pimp priesthood and infidelity. I've always been inspired to get something rolling like what The Lord did with Impending Doom or what Mattie Montgomery did with the Band For Today. Or as instrumental as Caspian or The American Dollar. Blending Visual Film with live music to bring awareness of highlighted topics of moral deception in this Sick and Fallen World (Isaiah 30) This Next generation needs us. We need to step up and stand against the Evil in this deceptive culture. The Lord has blessed me with some really unique abstract backing tracks that could be used as training wheels or architecture for expansion of live/ mobile Church. CHURCH OF DERELICT!!! (Cornerstone Festival 'REBORN/ REVIVED') Much room for instruments and any and every people. Matthew 5 ALL SPECIAL NEEDS All MISFITS REJECTS L.G.B.T.Q, VAMPIRES, HOMIES WEIRDOS ETC. Matthew 20:16 There is a time for everything!!! Ecclesiastes 3 WELCOME!!! of vast array. Send me a message/ email me: andrewfaith91 ayutt jhee mhayle dawt kawm or turtletrue91 ayutt jhee mhayle dawt kawm
Ecclesiastes 4 (work and money as an excuse, lol not today)
Jude 1: 1-24
John 3:16
Revelation 2:3
1 Corinthians 16:13
Ephesians 6:13 (my ford escort liscence plate)
Slavery Still Exists!!!
Human Trafficking Awareness: A21

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Impending Doom, In The Midst Of Lions, For Today, Animals As Leaders, Dead Poetic, Dead In Existence, Winds Of Plague, The Album Leaf, Caspian, Sky Eats Airplane, Constants, Oceana, Oceano, Misery Signals, Veil Of Maya, The Devil Wears Prada, Pink Floyd, Orbert Davis, Jean Baudin, Kenny G., Snarky Puppy, White Collar Sideshow, The Gun Show, The Chariot Various Gospel Artists, Explosions In The Sky, Sync 24, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Lights Out Asia, Kill Whitney Dead, The Acacia Strain Etc.

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Myself and whatever creatures might have crept in during my travels lol I live out of my car.


1x 2000watt Harbinger Loudspeaker
1x 4pc hand painted ochre yellow and navy blue drumset w/ reliable extras*
1x 13" 750gb Macbook
1x 2 way stereo headphone splitter
1x Ipod
1x 2016 Honda Fit (with all gear inside)