Androcefalo is an unsigned Artist from Berkeley, CA. United States. Androcefalo focuses on Ambient / Psychedelic music.

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Androcefalo & The Bolivian Revolution

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Jun 01 2015
Active over 1 month ago
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Over 100
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More than 3 times per week
30 years


Café Tacvba, Molotov, Los Lobos, Ritchie Valens, A tribe called Red

Members Of Band

Mirko Lamonte
Michael D'spacio
Invited Musicians


- Moog Minimoog Voyager Performer Edition
- Moog Minimoog old VCA OSC Board 3/ 1972
- MinimogueLUXUS-TD VSTi synth

- Taurus pedals
- Moog Realistic Concertmate MG-1 Midi-fied
- Moog Taurus 3 (Bass Synthesizer)

- Casio CTK 530 keyboard, Casio PT-1

You have been at this performing act thing for more than what, 7 years...
What interests do you know?

Well, Basically? I'm interested in the same old problems: How do electronic music access works onto the same old Elvis stuff that never dies, before entering the era of the 80's. How come, does it still function today successfully? I'm also very interested in Reading music and studying Evolution of Music.

Do you mean, How do music, functionally affects here in the Bay Area or all over the Globe?

The thing I'm most interested in; is The System. How do Bands here in the Bay manage for example? How does Music builds our complicated system? I want to discover how music finally built man. I don't really think that's an experimental subject. This has been around , for decades , Since Picasso & Rivera. Michael D'spacio ( my producer & One of the most hardcore bass players I ever met ) Since the very beginning he studied Human Diversity, he was always holding two things in hand, Raw alcohol & Awesome books to read. With D'spacio , my English improved so fluently. We studied together the ways of the system and its music and use of the variants to understand our next big Step. I wanted to start this project off. We know this will go along, after us for Sure.

You are working on a project called The Bolivian Revolution. What are you hoping to learn?

First of all, The Bolivian Revolution is Just a given name for this Project, I practice Numerology and I know this is a fortune name. The Bolivian Revolution is nothing but an Eccentric Idea that started happening in summer 2006. My humble thoughts were: What is our ancestry? What is the basis of our Human Diversity? Then , one evening in San Mateo, CA. Michael D'spacio shows up again and told me: "I think You can Plan on sequencing", say, a thousand hundred people into this project. I'd like, to do that-I'd like to discover all the variations there. As Today's real Artists do. I'm tired of following what most Arena Bands do. The current Rockstar purpose, We think this became so superficial that it seem it's been raped since way before the Harrison/Clapton.Kriegger era, probably way before Muddy Waters. with just a few well-done decades of Golden age in Pop, Country & The Real Folk Blues Documentaries and everything on film! and Now America conforms staying that way. But, it is here in California where the Bolivian Revolution I want it to start taking Place. I think We're ready.

Where are you doing this Work?

It's happening in many labs, all over the states (laughs) But I'm more a spectator than a Participant. Since D'spacio & I, created eL androcefaLo I, myself don't really do anything but holding mics and get the people to do all the work. The emphasis to me; is that, Music is everybody, is everyone. And Giving other people a chance to shine that is the key , you know? Frank Zappa used to say: "The source of successful projects are about the knowledge and the learning and the moving forth". I quite think, Zappa make more sense to me these days... Definitely, I'm not trying to sound like a Jack White the third or a Julian Casablancas. (laughs) that's fucking wasting of tape and money.

Mirko, When do you start working on with Moog Synthesizers?

We started looking at them in 2001, before college, trying to figure out this complicated machine for so many hours, no eating, no water, I remember this teacher looking at me as if I swallowed Crack or like I was under some methamphetamine in class, I feel so terribly embarrassed nowadays but truth is: I was, simply so obsessed, with electronics , and practically , the only issue I was dealing with , at that point besides... invoking my Good Education. But I haven't missed much really. The moog is such a different structure to let it pass easily. I gave a speech in Berkeley 2003 announcing that " all guitars and keyboards are poison to the mind " that it should be abolished before 2020 and that these huge other heavy souvenirs should be all replaced for a less evil, less disgraceful, less DUMB artifact. (laughs).

You often use your Culture to make a point. What is it you say about being a ''distinguished artist"?

No, no, no Correction! sometime I said, that I'm the "extinguished artist", because what I'd really like my friends to know/remember me for is, as the Foreign Buddha who came to America bringing nothing but eccentric ideas and record them all on tape. to have that kind of thinking. I think, one can get very set in his or her ways with titles like the... so distinguished artist.

You are Cultured & Persuasive in the studio not known for your...

...Not known, because of my dying Culture. I cannot stand all these people who take themselves very seriously. Who cannot just look at themselves and laugh at themselves for a moment. You know what I'm saying? Let me be honest with you. When Rolling stones Magazine last year was calling Trent Reznor The loser of losers by shutting down his band NIN, saying: "We've got to prevent Trent Reznor from patenting the idea of quitting, he's influencing the American young musician to think the same way. That, it is Right to stop performing. That, it is Right to feel oddly old for Music" Ha! The only person who could use that kind of affirmation is Trent reznor Himself! An ordinary Rolling Stone distinguished Writer with his " iphone editor " can't do anything about that, Reznor already wrote & co-wrote the biggest Super songs ever composed in the face of the planet. That's a fact ! Won an Oscar Nomination and Whom also for decades, ignited ideas on people like myself and for next Generations with emerging sounds for film-making, Songwriting, electrodynamics & even for Science research. We should know by now that NO ONE will ever sound & write songs like Nine Inch Nails. So then, who cares if it's the death of Pop Culture.

You have been critical of the American indie-Rock Lifestyle, Why?

Useless, Just touring with no direction and with no values and no self-respect for what these people stand for is useless. I always used to say we should treat America like an income taxation. Time expended in this country is Like doing taxes. It's against the system to avoid it. But it's always benefiting you (somewhere else). The art of doing music to me is doing the important things first. Some kids have great tunes, I heard them, I supported them, Bought their awesome masterpieces online, even I , spent my own money to go and take my time to watch their gigs once in a while but in the end through the years, I always , end up , asking to myself, where are all these people now? and then I noticed , they stopped hanging out eventually. So , How come then , these named themselves Awesome Talented Musicians who call themselves "the geniuses" They have never no one around to show them strong loyalty back. ( Loyalty = Productive time guaranteed ) well... keep producing more and more is not easy, having a successful Music Career it don't depend on Condition, it takes a huge brain or multiple determined brains in the right Place & right Direction. So my answer to this is: Everyone falls and plays for the same crappy disillusions. Makes me so angry! it's like they just want to live the life of the Rockstar for a couple years and that's it! Once it's been lived out. They probably got laid sometimes, maybe got engaged with some hot chick and then screw the gigs , screw performing on Youtube and easily disappearing from the scene in a few miserable months.

You have said that Musicians should take time in performing for World peace of all organisms here on earth. That you strongly believe that many cultures & native languages are headed for extinction?

All these Rock & Blues Genres are NOT the answer for an spiritual Quest or settle down with Racism & Greed. Whatever they tell you in Songs, in Rhythm. You've just wasted your money on that Program, User, Product. That's right, You fell on theories of Lust and Lameness. let me tell you, (laughs) It's making things more complicated. I do worry about this because I come from a third world society O.K? I wasn't born and raised here in the US like the ordinary American musician. I'm Same as Foreign and brown as my grandfathers and grandmothers before me and it's a lot different over there ''than here''. The research evidence "is there" and I believe that ONCE one reach a Threshold of loss for a 500 Year old of golden Traditional Folk Heritage, Once it is lost, IT'S GONE FOREVER and Hard to get it back. Doesn't sound the same, It's like Prince trying to perform a Reggae-ton concert. el AndrocefaLo Hopes to encourage others to stick around with their Roots & make Foreign Cultures more solid than ever before. This is a war of Fascist bureaucrats & High Class machine-mentalities against the Poor, Broke & Ugly working Classes which is all of us immigrants, the 99% of the American population. The idea is to create as much innovation as We can in order to figure out ways to live Life in peace on planet Earth and to avoid allowing ourselves being surrounded by Hate-Propagandas, Gossip, Lust & Hypocrisy. People that are invoking these dark virtues aren't the true Artists , they are just Dumb Puppets or playing Selfish. Because all good in heart Artists as far as I know , people with Strong Home Values who studied, Went to school, Read Books, I don't know... Sensitive Humans? their responsibility , truly as Artists , is to prevail , against , ALL CORRUPTIONS! You can't call yourself an Artist when you are working so hard to be someone else, right? I wouldn't. ...You wouldn't!

Is there a Big theory in that?

No sir, To Michael D'spacio & I, the big theory has already happened. it's called The Bolivian Revolution, We don't want everyone to assume that this is just another Pilot/Demo as fake as Hollywood is. We believe what we do here is very Alive. Very Real and We won't stop producing and Pushing promoters and A&R's around the globe to make this bigger than Ourselves. When You want to have a predictive Challenge, You have to be able to Calculate. You gotta work hard everyday in order to make it Someday a Reality.