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I am Justin, I have a solo project that I started quite awhile back called ANGMAR. It is heavy - crushing - metal. I never gave that project up, and now ANGMAR is to become a serious, professional band that tours.

Down the line I can welcome the rest of the band as fellow songwriters for drafting new material, but right now I have a setlist of tracks that I want to perform live and re-record to kick off ANGMAR’s brand with. We are in the first phase. Listen to the 3 tracks posted here. You like that sound? THEN CONTACT ME and we can discuss further what this project is all about. I'm looking for brothers in metal to make this thing a reality.

At the moment I seek a drummer who can play the tracks listed on this profile with impecible timing and consumate ability. I have nothing against drummers still finding their footing I’m just not seeking them for this band.

Thank you for checking out this page.

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Motorhead, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Slaughter (Canada), Bathory, Darkthrone, Immortal, Acid King, Sleep, Goatsnake, Black Sabbath (Early), Cathedral, Metallica (Early), Kreator, Razor, Dark Angel, Metal Church, Tank, Agent Steel, Sex Pistols, Discharge, Obituary, Death, Diamond Head, AC/DC, Savatage


Ibanez Iceman IC520, 15 watt Crate combo amp. On the prowl for a good amp-head and cabs at the moment. I'll remind that this has so far been a solo project.