Angus James


Vocalist - Tenor, Rhythm Guitar, Other Percussion, Violin, Saxophone, Keyboard, Piano, Background Singer, Harmonica, Flute, Banjo, Fiddle, Dobro, Bagpipes, Steel guitar, Cello.


Male 5' 8", Caucasian/Latino hybrid, long dark hair and olive complexion. I play 6,7, and 12 string Acoustic and electric guitars , Lead and backing vocals but can do many things to get the job done.

Work for hire I expect cash for time and expenses day of the show.

For a collaborative effort I expect an even share and offer an even share to my collaborators.

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Angus James
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Mar 15 2010
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Very Committed
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Over 100
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More than 3 times per week
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4-5 nights a week


Every one and no one. Songwriters and instrumentalists. People I have heard on albums and any one who I have played with who had something to offer. I am well educated in music theory, production and have 20 years of studio session work as well as years of gigging experience.

In order to give you an idea of who I am musically I need to walk you through my evolution as a human being or perhaps a musical sponge.

My earliest influences were Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart, Paganini and Liszt because my parents were very into classical music. From my siblings I was influenced with folk, rock and Motown. The list begins with Chuck Berry, the Beach Boys, Tommy James, the Moody Blues, Buffalo Springfield, Simon and Garfunkel, Motown and of course the Beatles. My Dad The organist turned me on to E. Power Bigs, Jimmy Smith and Wendy Carlos. The bands of the 70's came and went I was not so into the mainstream pop at the time. I preferred early Metal and Psychedelic Rock(Zeppelin, Nazareth, Black Sabbath, Hawk Wind, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd) and Funk (Parliament, Tower of Power, Taj Mahal) to pop and disco. I did have a breif period where I was into the Sweet, the Hollies and T-Rex though that was called puberty. I always enjoyed the Dead (American Beauty and Mars Hotel especially), Zappa and Carlos Santana. I also listened to Chuck Ainly and Jerry Jeff Walker form Nashville. That era would not be complete without mentioning Paul Simon, Van Halen, Kiss, Aerosmith, the Allman Brothers, Edgar and Johnny Winter, Rick Derringer, Yes, the Guess Who, BTO, and so many more great bands and songwriters. The 80's began with new wave and the birth of hair metal with Ozzy, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, the Scorpions, MSG, Extreme. Bang Tango, GNR, LA Gunz rounded out the decade for me.

The ninties gave way to Metalica, Pantera and Pride and Glory at one extreme and Nirvana at the other with all manner of grunge in between. I was a huge Alice in Chains fan, Stone Temple Pilots and Smashing Pumpkins and just about everything that happened under the Clinton Administration was groovy with me since I was gainfully employed. World beat music, Celtic influenced rock and a resurgence of electronica and dance music raved on. I loved it all for different reasons. In the new millennium Modern rock and Modern Country have given world music a run for its money. Today we have such a rich aural landscape and so many options for sound and writing technique that the possibilities are endless my production rack has like 5000 guitar sounds. The lines between genre are so blurred and the options are so vast its hard to narrow it down. OK I will 6 common time signatures 12 keys, 8 modes, chromatic alterations, up to 64 common divisions of a beat, a range of tempos between 60 and 160 bpm, 16 million colors and a sound for each, all contained in one common language, MUSIC. I have derived a simple formula t/T=I(tones over time equals inspiration). My criteria for musicians is simple too. Do you know your scales and how to harmonize them, can you subdivide the beat into 16th notes and do you have something to say? If so then I want to share your vision and your stage.

If I had to site an artist that I want to emulate in my writing it would be Brother from the "Exit from Screachville", "Digging bone" or "Your Back yard" era. Great albums and a wonderful overall vibe where you cant really pick one person who is a stand out because they are all working to provide a really amazing synergy. One of my favorite groups of song writers of all time is the Grateful Dead for their imaginative approach to re-harmonizing and mutual simultaneous improvisation. Not to mention they have the largest following of fun loving fans of all races creeds, all ages and walks of life. Food for Thought!

At some point it goes beyond stylistic issues and becomes more about a cohesive team effort and an overall sound supporting a lyric concept you can get behind. Not necessarily the best technician but perhaps the most complete system. From lyric to accompaniment a cohesive entity that supports the story of the lyric and takes the listener somewhere that inspires them to be creative and inspire others and then sets them back down in reality somewhat more enlightened for the experience.

My motto is perfect your craft and surround your self with like minded and extremely talented people its the formula for greatness. If you feel the same please join me and see where this can take us. You can forget about trying please others with your music because as soon as you perceive your music as a competition you have already lost the war. Music is art you must ask your self am I an artist or a robot who can play cover tunes. At that point you might as well be an mp3 player. That is not to say that covers are not good fun, practice or entertainment just not the only way to achieve greatness but more a stepping stone to the real deal.
Food for thought.

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Whatever I need for every situation. Guitar, Bass, Keys, Computers, amplification, electric and/or acoustic instrumentation. 24 track digital recording studio, star car and van.

Perhaps my best asset is a mind filled with rhythmic and melodic possibilities and a good knowledge of proper grammar and compositional technique. Come collaborate with me and test my knowledge and abilities. I got all I could out of the years I spent at the conservatory, or Bob Kids music major at 4Cs, Berklee and the Musicians Institute. I am not an ego maniac but I have a great well to draw from. So if you have confidence, chops and an open mind get in touch and lets play some festivals.


Past Events

The month of December 2012.

$5 per seat on sale at the door or for pre-sale at the 4C's box office.

Outdoor Event , various artists, THC Headline, Camp Linden, Sandwich Ma.

Multi-band outdoor festival at Camp Lyndon. Benefit concert to help the Cape Cod YMCA in its quest to provide the best possible opportunities for the youth of our community.

Total Harmonic Convergence
With special guests:
Three on The Tree
and Skywatch

Free Event, THC Headline, Hyannis Village Green.