Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar.


Space-themed hard rock band seeking*:
-Lead Guitarist
-Rhythm Guitarist

*We require two of these positions to be filled and Toast will play whichever position needed.

We are currently recording our debut album with recording studio/record label Burn United Records. All songs are written and recorded in Drop C# Tuning.

UPDATE: Check out our VIDEOS for raw mixes of some tracks.

apheliongalaxy (at) G MAIL (dot) com
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Aphelion's debut album Chasing The Sun tells an epic sci-fi tale of war, corruption, heartbreak, loss, and the impending demise of the human race at its own hand; chronicling the missions of a declassified space militant team set in place by the U.S. government to protect The Earth from interstellar wars. As humanity sets a course for self-destruction, The crew of Aphelion set out on a musical journey to warn the world of the dangers we face. Aphelion revolves around the concept of rockstar meets superhero in a dystopian story of intergalactic proportions.

The crew of Aphelion consists of Steve Burke, Jr. (Vocals), Toast Hanson (Guitars), and David Corvus (Drums). Drawing from a vast and various catalog of musical and theatrical influences, at its core Aphelion is a hard rock band with space-themed lyrics that tell the narrative of a world ravaged by a war that was advocated by the greatest threat to mankind we have ever known: ourselves. The space theme is symbiotically linked into the whole, which addresses socialism, the casualties of war, and the corruption of man, as well as exploring the emotional connections between each other.

Produced by Burn United Records, Chasing The Sun is scheduled for launch in 2019. Keep your eyes on the skies: the mission has only just begun.

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Starset, Gemini Syndrome, Breaking Benjamin, Stone Sour, Tool, Powerman 5000, The Veer Union, Shinedown

Members Of Band

TOAST - Guitar or Bass


Private, keyed-entry and climate controlled studio room on S Park Street in Madison near beltline. Also has elevator for loading gear. We have the largest room at 475 sq. ft. The room is treated with sound dampening curtains.

Our setup is completely DI (No amp cabinets-- we run direct to the house PA). We have a full PA setup. The band is mostly contained in a 20 Unit Griffin Rack Case: 16-Channel Mackie Pro mixing board,wireless microphones, full-band in-ear monitoring system, power conditioner, tuner and head for bass, preamp for PA speakers, a mic splitter and XLR patch bay to split our mix between our IEM and the FOH, and a rack drawer to store the bodypacks, microphones, and batteries. Eventually we would like to add wireless guitar systems and upgrade the mixer to a digital model.

VOCALS: Currently using Gemsound wireless mics, which will be upgraded before we go live.

GUITARS: Line 6 Firehawk FX processor/effects pedals. You provide your own guitars, straps, and picks.The Firehawk serves as your complete pedal board and amp modeler.

BASS: Hartke LH500 Bass Amp Head and Korg Pitchblack Tuner/Cable-Checker (rack mounted). You provide your own bass guitar, strap, and picks.

Pearl drum set with Remo drumheads, Sabian cymbals, Vic Firth drumsticks, Roland electronics, and LP percussion.

Complete merchandise display, a pair of 6x6-foot stage scrims, wireless vocal mics and stands, wireless in-ear monitors (for entire band), drum mics, and rack mounted mixer cabinet (20U).