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If you feel the most important thing to you is to have a great time playing music, then please read on because I'm interested in whatever you've got going on. For me, it's more about who I'm making music with than any level of success we might find. If we sound good and enjoy what we're doing together - well, that's what it's all about isn't it?

Some history: In the year 2000, I was recruited from a karaoke stage to be the frontman for a new wave 80's music cover band. After a rigorous workout of an audition, I accepted them, and they accepted me. The five of us played the Texas circuit for the next six years, with little ol' me as frontman. If there is such a thing as a profitable cover band - well, we were it. To this day, I am still proud of the fact that people had fun listening to us, and we had even more fun playing for them. It was the situation any of us looks for as musicians, and I was lucky enough to be pulled into it unexpectedly. I loved every minute of it.

In 2006, that band split up for situations that happened to us all at the same time. My particular situation happened to be a daughter born that very year. I honestly loved being a part of that band, we shook asses all over Texas. To this day I value and miss it. I can't express to you what an amazing time that was, so if you're looking my direction - you've got your work cut out for you if you hope to follow that up.

The kiddo I mentioned is older now, and I feel like I can commit to a band once again. The unfortunate part of that is, I'm older too. I'm in my mid-forties now.

I moved to Utah a year and a half ago. While I was still in Texas, I cut teeth playing bass in a worship band for about three years. I discovered that I love playing bass about as well as singing.

I would consider myself to be at an intermediate level on bass, and well - I don't know if six years behind the live mic counts as expert level as a vocalist, but it is what it is, know what I mean?

I have the time put in, I have experience. My priority in any future band I'm a part of consists of two things: to sound amazing and to have fun. That's it, nothing more. I'm not allergic to money, or challenges - but I'm not looking to get rich or be part of a band "trying to make it." I'm too old for that sh*t, and I know that if it's meant to be, that stuff will come organically.

So what do I want, then?

I want to have fun playing music. If that's for a crowd... great! If it's just for us, that's fine too.

I honestly don't care what it is, as long as its fun.

As long as we're having a good time and we sound amazing... that's what I am looking for.

I'm not looking to tour (necessarily), or be famous. Nor am I against either thing happening, it will be what it will be.

I want to make music with like minded people - nothing more. I love hard rock and melodic metal, but my interests are varied and I can do ska or country. What's most important is the people I'm working with.

Being honest, I don't get along with everybody - but if we click I will be the most loyal and fiercest defender you have.

Musically speaking, I am critical and a very tough judge. I won't be rude and ugly, butI will stick up for what I feel is right.

Worst of all about me: I am patient. The situation I jump into means more to me than the potential for "success" does. I have a home based "bedroom" studio, and I am perfectly content doing my own thing, recording and producing my own music. So I can wait it out, I've got all the time in the world.

Until I hear from you, I will be working to keep my voice and bass chops in shape. I'm not claiming to be the best in the world at either, but I'm hoping to be working towards a goal. Will that goal be your project?

I'm just looking for a good situation, one that feels good sacrificing the time and effort for.

So, if you're looking - and you've gotten this far - impress me.

I play by ear, I am not currently fluent in music theory, but I am currently seeking a good teacher. It's only fair that I disclose this fact.

I'm looking for a serious (and seriously fun) situation to make some good noise. Nothing more than that, come what may.

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Most melodic hard rock gets to me. I also love electronic and (older) country music. My tastes are varied, and I value people and work ethic over genre, so I'm willing to hear about any project that involves fun people. Show me what you've got, it can't hurt to ask me what think.

Being totally forthcoming tho... a good hard rock band would be my one true home.

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I have - or would be willing to procure - anything necessary for the right situation.

If it helps. I do build solid bodied electric guitars and basses.