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i sing everything. i love all music, i love singing blues, jazz, country, rock, classical, etc. I sing and song write all day long with out even meaning to. It's that in me and I'm so intensely passionate about it. I want to create music that's beyond regular jazz, blues and rock mix. Surfrock falls in there, too. I mean- I want to make some seriously metaphyisical move your soul music. Get people movin' shakin' clappin' swayin' -gettin' out of themselves entirely and just be with us in the music. I want to be with musicians that are open to working with the songs I write, are excited to collaborate on accompaniment and mixed vocals, as well- I would definitely be the lead vocals, though I can't wait to be learning and practicing every type of instrument I can get my hands on and learn from everyone else in the bands experience, ideas, innovation, creativity- all of it. Also, for some songs, I am totally down with just takin' back seat or doing back up vocals. I do really want a band as in the true definition of band.
Together we stand, Divided we fall type of unity and same frequency/wavelength flow and synchronicity. That's the ulitimate goal for me with this band. I don't want any type of cover band. Though I'm sure we'll choose some songs and artists to honor through their music from time to time in sets and just when we jam. I want to make it clear that I want passionate people, who are easy going, too but that have the same goals as me. One of those goals being, to take this all the way. I'm not bragging, but I know I have the talent and material and with the right blend of us- there's no stopping us. We need a contemporary revival of the old greats blended with things it never has been and in a way only our band can emulate. I am going for LEGENDARY, but it's not because of fame and whatever so many do it for- it's because I want and KNOW that with the right people work passion dedication- we can make that music. Music that is legendary because it infiltrates and helps change peoples' Lives for the better. That it's that HEALING and invigorating and rejuvinating- get's people's juices going again.
Alright, haha, I've really really gone on wild here. This tangent is quite a bit, but- it's what I feel whether I worded it correctly or not. I hope I articulated it so it hits the right people the right way. "One good thing about music- when it hits you you feel no pain- hit me with music, hit me with music..." That's just one of the things I want people to feel when they hear our music.

Much Love Everyone...
Mama Woo

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big mama thornton, nina simone, patsy cline, kim deal, billie holiday, tom waits, otis redding, van morrison, sonic youth, violent femmes, jimmy cliff, romanteek, cecila pedersen, pink floyd, bob marley, the clash, the stones, rachmaninnoff, kurt weill, cyndi lauper, david bowie, lou reed/velvet underground, the carpenters, ween, the beatles (lykke li) -truely endless list.


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