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Ayda pronounced ayee dah or tike Aiden (aida). I've never sung for a group of people but i have for selected friends. I will admit that it takes time for my voice to not be shaky when i first start because i get nervous so that is why only a few people have heard me sing. it was never something i was obsessed with or aspired to do but i have always liked it so i thought maybe i should just give it a try, just for fun. maybe something comes out of it, who knows.

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Jan 10 2013
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Biggest influences would be music with metal or trash influence but clean vocals. I also like girly metal, death metal, heavy metal, thrash, acoustic, progressive. I like it all. Note that I can't scream or growl like a dude. I prefer not to. I can't do it properly and don't want to chance ruining my already mediocre voice. hehe. i cant do gritty either. wish i could. It will be easier to just upload a video. Will do soon. Aiming for this week if my voice comes back. Cold season. blaah.

My favorite music is far more heavy but I can't sing heavy so my vocal influences would be Lorenna McKennit, Carly Smithson (we are the fallen), Cristina Scabbia (which I recently decided I like only because I can sing her songs much easier), and all the chick singers.

Fav band are too hard to list. I would learn more towards old school heavy and trash metal.

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These pipes. That's it. I've enjoyed singing for some time now so thought maybe I would see what was out there. It might be time to have a little fun and try it out. I might end up liking it.