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I want the $
F#&K the fame,
I'm a simple man

Before music, wood was my form of artistic expression. I have been a carpenter since 1996. I have a beautiful wife who is my best friend, who gave me a miniature version of herself. I don't have time for childish games, I am a serious individual when it comes to my work, trade and craft. I ask myself a few questions before I sleep. Did I do my best today? Did I hurt anyone today? DO I have matters that need to be made right? The answer is not always yes. If I write you an email at 1 am, it's because I can't rest until my spiritual temple is clean. I live by a code of rigorous honesty. It has served me well. Yes, I smoke a lot of weed. Now, thanks to prop 207 I am no longer a criminal. Yay Arizona! I am a conservative, NO I don't have a hard on for Trump. I have a brain, I have not been able to stand his ass since his hair invaded my life in the 80's. Bombastic, flashy gold plated piece of sh*t crook that he is. Man doesn't know what the truth is. That rubs my code of rigorous honesty the wrong way. You're not entitled to know why, but I'll tell you anyway. The root of it lies with the belief that power is best utilized as the state level. Where problems can be handled on a neighborhood by neighborhood level. Charity has had it's intrinsic value to society when allowed to flourish. A blanket policy that effects New York as well as Sothern Mississippi can have good intentions, but dire repercussions. I have examples but not time to give them, Anywho. I got no time to not try to achieve excellence. I am a bad ass carpenter, and I know that music is no exception. I'm a busy guy already, I don't have time to learn how to use a DAW. I own my own business and have the capital to invest in excellent equipment and space to get as loud as we want and no one will ever know.

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Oct 09 2020
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Bhagavad Gita, Neichze, Jesus, Michael Diamond, Vivaldi, Machiavelli, Michael Faraday, Sun Tzu, Mary Jane, fatherhood, marriage, License to Ill, Undertow, Danny Carey in whom I measure my own abilities.

Carpentry made my living, Architecture made me money, Music is going to make me rich

The groove is my home
I live there
it's my residence
I produce beats so clean
that they set the precedent

The goal:
Find a collaboration of musicians to blur current constructs and preconceived notions as to what music should be.
To find the ingredients for the recipe that makes means to an end.
Funk the world baby

The ethos:
Positive thoughts produce positive results. I'm not looking for a record company to sign me. I am the record company. I am a unique guy. I have something inside that was destined for greatness. My journey to music is a long and tragic one, Shared with only the few who can be trusted with such heinous and horrific details. Inspiration is in the very energy that moves the atoms of our bodies. It can felt and it can be harnessed into vibrations that makes hips sway, lips meet, which can lead to spiritual inception. The harmonic resonance aligning 2 bodies into 1. Music can alter reality. Who wants to trek down the soul tripping, bong rippin, yellow brick road in a bad ass tour bus? I don't day dream, I visualize my future.

'Cause I'm the high
plains drifter,
and I'm the drifter
The high plains drifter
and I'm the
They can't catch me
they're never gonna find me
They're never gonna know
that I'm the high plains drifter
Pulled over to the river,
to take a rest
Pulled out a pair of pliers
pulled a bullet out of my chest
Fear and loathing 'cross the country
listenin' to my 8-track
I reached behind the seat
snatched a cool one from the pack
long-distance from my girl
and I'm talking on my cellular
She said that she was sorry
and I said yeah the hell you were
Check the rear view mirror
check the gold tooth display
Check out the odometer
and I was on my way
'Cause I'm the high
the best that you can get
A strapped shoplifter
a pirate on cassette
Bust a Travis Bickle
when I feel that I'm getting pushed
Don't step to me 'cause
you could be gettin' mushed
I'm doing a hundred and twenty
plowin' over mailboxes
Radar detector
to tell me where the cops is
Spend another night
at the Motel 6
It's five dollars extra
to get the porno flicks
And then I concoct a black and tan
in my brandy snifter
I'm a kleptomaniac
Kmart shoplifter
Cash flow gettin' low
so I had to pull a job
I found a nice place to visit
but a better place to rob
I left the car outside
and the engine still revving
Takin' care of business
I went inside
to make my withdrawal
I saw what he had had
but I had to take it all
Knucklehead deli
tried to gyp me off the price
So I clocked him on the turban
with a bag of ice
'Cause I mellow like Jell-O
cool like lemonade
I made my get a way
and then I thought that I had it made
I feel like Steve McQueen,
a Former movie star
Looked in the rear view mirror
seen the police car
Ballantine quarts
with the puzzle on the cap
I couldn't help to notice
I was caught in a speed trap
Dirty Mary,
Crazy Larry,
on the run
from Dirty Harry
Stash the cash in the dash,
but my gun I did carry
I'm seeing blue and red
flashing deep in the night
I got my alibi straight
and I pulled over to the right
The cop knocked on my window
and said Boy, where's the fire?
You got a mailbox on your bumper
and a bald front tire
"Outta the car longhair, "
your goose is cooked
Read me my rights
and booked

Making like a DT,
driving a grand fury
Wherever I hang my hat's my home
and my past is kind of blurry
Every dog has his day
mine will be in front of a jury
High plains drifter
you know that I'm never in a hurry
Read me my rights
as if I didn't know this
Threw me in the tank with a drunk called Otis
With his five o'clock shadow
he smelled of three day old beer
My man turned to me and said,
"Why are you here?"
I said I'm charming
I'm dashing
I'm rental car bashing
I'm phony-paper passing at Nick's Check Cashing
I went before the judge
he sent my to the Brooklyn house of D
He said, "You behave or we'll throw away the key"
Houdini'd out the cuffs,
kicked the screw in the knee
I took the Bailiff's wallet and went straight to OTB
I had a good feeling
I bet on one horse to win
and another and so
And sure enough,
that nag came in
Brought my ticket to the window
and collected my winnings
And I broke into my new car
with a wire coat hanger
Hot wired
Hot wheeled and,
"Suzy is a headbanger"

High Plains Drifter- Paul's Boutique c.1989
Beastie Boys
Michael Diamond- Mike D
Adam Yauch- MCA RIP
Adam Horovitz- Ad Rock

Instrument experience:



Alesis DM10 mesh head
Alesis RA-100 amp
Behringer MX 2642 PA
2-8" Stadium speakers (passive)