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Bass Guitar, Vocalist.


Guitarist and drummer looking for a singer and a bassist to fill out a band. Been in many bands and done extensive gigging recently. Looking to write and record original music and play some covers. Definitely looking to play shows as soon as possible. You can hear samples of our music on social media pages for Landfall, Fly Bly and the Led Heads, and Achilles Trojan Horse. Those bands are under a label called Glass Bowl Studios which is the label we created to record our music and other local musicians. If you're interested, you can get in touch with us through Glass Bowl Studios or you can send us a message at our email address which is this username at h/o/t/m/a/i/l

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Rock, Blues and Grunge, among other things. Led Zeppelin, Alice in Chains, Mad Season, Guns N Roses (Pre-breakup), Velvet Revolver, Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, KISS, Aerosmith, SRV, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, etc.

Members Of Band

Dave - Guitar, Some bass if necessary, backing vocals if necessary

Matt - Drums, Lyrics if necessary

Both of us play guitar, drums, and bass. Each of us have written songs in the past that we've sang on.


Dave - guitar depends on the song. Generally Les Paul style guitars, sometimes Fender style guitars depending on the tone needed for the recording. Most of the time uses either Les Paul style or Schecter for shows. Two practice amps include a Blackstar HT Club 40 and a Marshall MG250DFX. Show amp is a Marshall Half-Stack - JVM 410h head through a Marshall 1960A cab. A pedal board in rolling case with various pedals including wah, distortion, reverb, flanger, etc.

Matt - three different drum kits. Show kit is a early 80s Ludwig Rockers black and white badge 5 piece kit. Practice kit is a early 80s Trak drum kit. Spare kit is a Pearl Forum series kit. Tama Iron Cobra kick pedal, custom cymbal setup (Sabian XSR 16 and 18 inch crashes, Paiste 505 hihats, Zildjian ZBT 20 inch ride.

Recording - Behringer MX3282A mixing board through a Tascam 16x08 into a custom-built computer running Sony Acid Pro 6.0. We also have a custom built computer acting as a server for remote access to recording sessions and other materials in electronic form. Vocal microphones include an MXL990, a Blue large diaphragm condenser, and a few EV Cobalt CO9s. Full drum mic setup including shotgun condensers for the cymbals. Guitars are usually run from the line out on either the Blackstar or the Marshall guitar heads, although we have been known to use a large diaphragm AKG to mic the amps as well. We also have a David Eden CXC300 hybrid amp we can use for guitar or bass. The David Eden has an XLR line-level recording output as well. For portability we also have a Focusrite 2x2 as well as 2 Peavey PV10USBs.

Live sound is a whole different animal. We have 2 PA heads racked, one a Crown CE2000 and the other a Nady 2000 watt head. This rolling rack is used for rehearsals and shows. For rehearsals we have 3 Peavey monitors each with 15 inch woofer drivers and a dedicated horn tweeter on a fixed crossover. Show mains are 2 Yamaha monitors on stands, each with a single 15-inch woofer driver and a dedicated, horn tweeter on a fixed crossover. Stage monitors are 4 of the original flyable wedge monitors, each with a 12-inch woofer driver and dedicated horn on a variable crossover. The mixing board for performances is a Mackie 24-channel board.