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I am a very dedicated man. I have already written about 45 songs and lyrics and have parts for more than half. I am looking for some people (Bass, Lead guitar, drums) to form a band with me. I am extremly open minded so it won't be like "because i made the band i'm the boss." although i would like everything to go through me, don't think that means your ideas wouldn't be heard i would want to hear your ideas to make the band better. I love rock and not just one type of rock but all kinds of rock. some of the bands that inspire me are system of a down, static-x, MXPX, linkin park, KORN, slipknot, threedays grace, yellowcard, bowling for soup, and many others. i do not confine myself to one genre expecally when there are so many choices. i sort of take that as a insuration to how i want my band to be. I have writen punk songs, emo songs, hard rock songs, grundge, and so forth.

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