Below Blackstar


Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Drums, Piano.



We have not actively gotten together in some time and have loved ones that may be more susceptible to the virus, so we aren't putting other people in harm's way. We love music and have all been playing for most of our lives, but we love living more. We are still virtual and it's totally fine with us for the time being.

We talk regularly, and are building our friendship, something that hasn't happened for us in previous projects. We want to play with good people from now on - no more drama queens because there are already enough queens in the building! ????

If you'd still like to connect, it's with the understanding that it may be a while before we all physically occupy the same space. We just aren't placing undue burdens upon each other.


Searching for a drummer and a lead-ish guitarist.


you tube dot calm slash S174yOk-XSc

1.) combining in such a way as to enhance or emphasize the qualities of each other or another.
"three guitarists playing interlocking, complementary parts"

"In general, it could be said that the division of guitar labor in Radiohead is that Yorke plays rhythm, Jonny Greenwood plays lead and Ed O’Brien makes weird noises. But that’s an oversimplification, as any of the three are capable of doing anything at any time."


In need of a drummer, a real machine - a figurative machine, an extraordinary machine. Someone who can play that secksy polyrhythmic, driving shit; someone who doesn't need 9/8 explained to them.

Someone that isn't a jerk. It's easy to say, but harder to do.

We are building the support system, and we encourage each other's musical development as individuals and as a team.

We have a few goals we'd like to accomplish, but development is our main interest for the time being. Shows are bullshit, with or without covid.

Old demos are included here, but there's more music. We're happy to send you links to stuff if you're interested.

We have gear for days, material, and a desire to protect each other. Looking forward to hearing from you either here (we subscribe to Bandmix) or email through --> blackstarmusic at gee mail daht calm.



Google - you get it, right?

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Below Blackstar
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May 05 2010
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50 to 100
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2-3 times per week


There are too many influences to name because everything is an influence: bands you're not into, bands we're not into, bands we've never heard, bands to which we can't stop listening...


Some stuff we like:

Pink Floyd. The Joy Formidable. Mars Volta. Radiohead. Led Zeppelin. Peter Gabriel. PJ Harvey. King Crimson. The Dear Hunter. Smashing Pumpkins.

Members Of Band

One woman. Two men. A little fluidity. Zero drama... and we are keeping it drama-free, no exceptions.