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EDIT 6/21: As of now, my band is a trio with a drummer, a bassist, and myself on guitar.

I'm a 20-year-old musician currently attending CCM (County College Of Morris). However, I don't think this whole college thing's going to work out, so I'm willing to give it my all (music, that is.) Ideally, I'd like to start a band with people my own age (around 18 to 24). At this point, I don't care if I'm lead or rhythm. I really want to start a band and start gigging ASAP, or at the very least jam with some other like-minded musicians. I'm very easy-going, humble, level-headed, reliable, and have as little of an ego that you could possibly find in a guitarist. Also, I have no addiction to drugs or alcohol, so I can always perform without any physiological barriers. So if you're tired of the stereotypical self-absorbed EVH or Yngwie wannabes, send me a message (VIA e-mail, I don't want people spending money on this website).

I write my own music, which you can check out at my Page: ./billy-russo

... because the 15MB audio limit on this site is fu*king atrocious!

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Angus Young & Malcolm Young
James Hetfield
Tony Iommi
Alex Lifeson
Jimi Hendrix
Ritchie Blackmore
David Gilmour
Brian May
Tom Scholz
Dick Dale

Most of what I listen to is 70's and 80's Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. AC/DC, Black Sabbath, and MetallicA are my big 3. I also really like 60's Surf Rock and some Psychedelic Rock. From the 90's and 00's, I like SOME (emphasis on "some") of the Pop Punk and Ska: bands like The Offspring, Goldfinger, Sublime, and Sum 41; along with some Alternative Metal like System Of A Down, Tool, and CKY. I also really enjoy some more recent bands like Airbourne and Volbeat.

Lastly, I have a very niche taste in music; it's mostly guitar-oriented. I'm a guitarist, so I'm not willing to play electronic, dubstep, or rap, because it's not the music I like. I absolutely despise Indie Rock; it's not my style either. Also, I typically prefer clean vocals; I DON'T like screaming, pig squealing, or growling (with some exceptions.) DJENT, Metalcore, Grindcore, Death Metal, and even some Thrash Metal, I can't listen to. I have a very definitive line: I draw the line at Slayer and Exodus. Anything heavier than that, I just can't listen to. With that said, I'm sorry to the 99% of musicians that are reading this who don't share my taste in music, but I thought that information was necessary to include.

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- Fender Stratocaster
- Ibanez RG350DX
- Ibanez GSR200
- Lace Sensor Hot Gold pickups
- Line Six POD HD Desktop
- Marshall DSL40
- Marshall MG30DFX
- Garageband
- EZDrummer