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Whats up people, Im Hunter Stone Dryden.
Im a guitarist, but I enjoy creating my own beats and writing stuff to them.
Check the wesite and Ill have some stuff on there.

I started playing around 14ish with a broken guitar. baby shit green.
then i got a strat.
then i.. dont remember. a string of guitars unimportant.
point is, I taught myself by playing. Nothing but improvisation until a few years later when everything i knew (i was in School band and studied music theory) kinda clicked.
Now all that time shredding meaninglessly has become structured and I now have to ability to go "hey I want this to have this feeling to it"
Theory was like labeling the sounds i knew and wanted.
Enough rant.

I'm currently just recording in my apartment. I'm looking to expand into a band and make use of what I've learned.
Im normally tuned to drop A So for simplicity i use Am and CM.
But that E minor Spanish phrygian tho. (drools a little)

Go hard or go home \m/

I listen to a lot of music and genre. My Spotify is full of stuff lol.
Some guilty pleasures in there to.
For example the song Omie wise by Vandaveer. Beautiful song and dark as hell but they have a old southern feel.
I sing it all the time.
Then I growl it.. at my coworkers.

I'm not a vocalist but Im good with gutturals. My fry like highs are garbage tho.
I can sing in ouch and mostly keep a growl where it needs to be for recording a idea. But that's why
I need a band.
All I do is work, play and rec.

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Anything heavy with a good rythm. Bouncy dark bright.
Doesn't matter. Long as it's not country or pop. (I'll stab u) Or rap. (Stab 2x)
Although I do listen to some rap. Underground rap.
Like loKey.
Horrorcore underground rapper. Kills.

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SGR schecter(6stringDropA)
Line6 30wt spider
Reaper daw
USB audiobox
Akai midi keyboard