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I can scream (high, mids and lows) and sing operatic. I'm a soprano. My screaming sounds exactly like Dani Filth, psyclon Nine, arch enemy and opera IX.

I'd love to join a black, gothic, or extreme metal band with symphonic influences based in California and somewhere close to where I live around San Francisco. I hope to do both singing and screaming. I have a passion for both. But I'd rather not sing about satanic things. I just like the sound.

I won't upload any music, but to hear my vocals, check out my be channel: angelicbaby

I have multiple covers up that can show the type of screaming and singing I can do. If I get into a local band, I will be very dedicated as I hope to get signed one day and tour with my favorite band in the world, Cradle of Filth!!!

I'm simply more passionate about black/symphonic/gothic metal. It can also be extreme metal. I can do any screaming from very low growls to high screeches. If you listen to black metal, you'll know what I mean.

If you want to contact me (and don't have premiere membership), you can message me on be or email me at angelicbaby92 at .

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Black Metal: Cradle of Filth (gothic extreme metal for those genre polices out there), Dark Funeral, Sabbat (Japanese), Immortal, Burzum, Opera IX, Cadaveria, Leviathan, Emperor, Burzum, Theatres Des Vampires, Carpathian Forests, Limbonic Art, Dimmu Borgir, Abruptum, Dark Fortress, Al-Namrood, Darkestrah, Sad Legend, Melechesh, Chthonic, Narjahanam, Aeternus, Thy Catafalque, Mortiis, Weakling, Ophtalamia, Chaosweaver, The Kovenant, Nocternity (maybe), Peste Noire, Sigh, Stormlord, Mondstille, Anathema, and Drudkh.

Doom/ Folk Metal: Dreams After Death, Funeral, Sun O))), Evoken, Shape of Despair, Korpiklaani, Empyrium

Symphonic/Gothic Metal/Visual Kei/Industrial: Sarah Jezebel Deva, Nightwish (Tarja Tarunen), Therion, Deathstars, Epica, HIM, 69 Eyes, Fields of Nephilim, the Cure, Moonspell, Within Temptation, Psyclon Nine, Spectrum-X, Blutengel, Versailles, Nega, Dir En Grey, Moi Dix Mois, Apocalyptica, Within Temptation, Aberrant Vascular, Crysalys, Emilie Autumn, Epica, Ghost, Technikult of Flesh, The vision bleak

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Vocals and Williams Hammer Action Piano, amp, double amp, and dynamic microphone