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Brand new start up band from the people who brought you Go Van Gogh ://govangogh. Looking primarily for the chordal instrument, accordion, guitar, or keys, but we are open to what t6he wind blows thro9ugh the door.
We have a huge amount of original material, and write new stuff all the time. If you write as well, all the better.

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Feb 20 2015
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40 years


You love old Senegalese bands like Etolie De Dakar s://./watch?v=gsOTD2XlY-8

WOW, so do I

You are a big balkan brass band fan s://./watch?v=xJ6b1JPg7VE


You adore Pedal Steel on old country records s://./watch?v=mK5ROydJFTE

NO way, I feel the same

You have a huge collection of classic rock steady that works it's way into your playing unconsciously s://./watch?v=6KfUgqWxCGA

So do I

And speaking of Ethiopia, your crazy for Mkulatu Astatke s://./watch?v=gsT7dY65-Vo


But your immersion in old RnB is deep and wide , digging dance numbers and ballads alike s://./watch?v=BXy93iEe2co

Uncanny, that’s how I am too

Wow with all these common points of interest, maybe we should get together and make a great new interesting, fun, exciting, and popular band.

Members Of Band

Connie Walkershaw Saxes
Jesse Walkershaw Bass
And we sing.


plenty, but no PA