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Whats goin' on fellow musicians. I am a 38 year old groovy, lovin' the pocket, bass player. I play acoustic/electric guitar too, but my main band focus would be the bass w/ some vocals. I love playing fingerstyle and feeling the thump at my feet. Im looking to start/play/jam with a band,guitarist,drummer. I just wanna play music with somebody besides myself again.. Or just get together and do what we love! I'd really like to get involved with other guitar players and start an acoustic duo/tri and possibly play little bar/brewery/coffee shop gigs during the week for fun. I've played bass for T.BaGg and the Creamers for 2.5+ years but decided to step down over 6 years ago(funny/HORRIBLE name but that didnt stop us from being booked every weekend. We pretty much played 3 out of 4 weekends a month. We played everything from meatloaf to ozzy to finger eleven to hendrix and lady gaga to Neil Young. We were(they are) a straight-up, fun as hell, party/cover band in the Lehigh-Carbon County(Pa) area. I enjoy having a good time with music and love to be on stage watching people have a good time because of us! I am very easy-going, wanna write, and will play pretty much whatever. In my downtime, I've been writing and recording in my personal home studio(Morning After Records). My 9 - 5 has been with Martin Guitar for the 13 years, until my move to Georgia in 2012. Any interest in jamming or getting somethin started please check out morningafterrecords**dot*com. ***** At this time I am completely involved in writing and recording my own music and would love to start jamming with players again that would like to write, record and just have some fun doin' what we love........and the possibility of starting/joining a cover band is ALWAYS there!

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My main and biggest influence is John Paul Jones. Led Zeppelin is, by far, my all-time favorite band and JPJ is the reason why I picked up a bass. I also enjoy Tim Commerford from Rage/Audioslave and Eric Wilson from Sublime. Pretty much any of the rock bassists' of the 70's have influenced me in some way. Maybe a little bit of James Jamerson thrown in there too. My favorite "genre" of music to listen to and play has to be classic/southern rock but Im open to all things music. I really enjoy metal as well but havent really played it.

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My main bass is a Warwick Corvette Pro Series 5-string w/ half-rounds. I also have a '76 Fender Jazz Bass that I LOVE dearly!. My rig consists of an Ashdown MAG300 w/ 2x10 and a 1x15 cabs. And a recently purchased 1970 Acoustic 150b head, classic 70's rock tone! I have a decent sized pedalboard(Boss/Electro-Harmonix/Aphex), which I'd rather not use besides my compressor, unless the song requires a certain sound. I prefer the straight to the amp sound. All monster cables and planet waves patch cables. For live purposes I mic my cabs with a Shure Beta 52a and a SM57.