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Whats up, my name is Brain and I'm a bass player of about 4 years. About a year and a half ago I started studying music theory, haven't quite got it down yet but I have the basic idea. Ive been in a couple bands over the years, and have never been able to fully express myself creativly. At the moment I'm just looking for a drummer to jam with (though I would never refuse rockin out with a good guitar player and or singer). Someone who has real good rudimentery skills, good tempo, and very ambitious about getting their kit to sound good. Someone ready to break the rules, and abandon all common music practices, cause the way I look at it, 4/4 has been done by everyone, a constant tempo though the song has been done by everyone. Lets do something new and unique. I've babbled on enough.

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By far my biggest influence is Les Claypool, not just limited to Primus, but they are my favorite band. In fact The Purple Onion is one of the reasons I want write weird unique sh*t. Recently I've discovered Mars Volta, and they are compleatly bad ass. I really dig on the way they arange their songs. Tool of course. There is nothing about that band I dont like. The genre section would only let me put one type, but I'm into all kinds, like jazz (the basis of music), I like heavy sh*t every so often; i.e. Deftones and Mudvayne, I like progressive music alot too. For the most part I don't limit myself to genres. Holy sh*t!! I almost forgot the old bastards, Rush ...Gods, Deep Purple, Of course Zepplin, and dont forget Pink Floyd.


I own a Warwick 4 string thumb bolt on, aTune 4 string (project bass), an extreamly custom Carvin 6 string fretless, and a Merano 4/4 double upright (fucker is huge). My cab is a Boogie Powerhouse 4X10, and as of right now I have a Carvin R600 head, but am saving for an M-Pulse 600. I use a Sansamp Bass DI as a preamp (to get rid of the ugliness of the R600's mids), and all Monster cable.