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My name is Brian. I am a 20 year old singer, guitarist, drummer, and bassist. Also play trombone. I am looking to start or join a rock group. I am extremely driven because music is my main love in life. I am interested most in Classic Rock and Progressive Rock, but I also know thousands of songs across a plethora of genres. I am in the process of learning to play lead guitar like Skunk Baxter, solo like Trey Anastasio of Phish and Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, and write and sing in a style influenced by Bob Mould of Husker Du and Sugar. I have always had a deep emotional connection with music. It's certainly not a big bragging matter, but I have over 7500 songs in my playlists on Spotify (and counting) because I am always trying to learn more about this beautiful form of art. I just want to show that I am seriously in love with music. Spent most of my high school days in my room on Friday nights listening to forgotten music rather than trying to get laid in the Palisades doing blow. That's not me. Anyway - been drumming since I was about 9. Learned how to play by finding my way through songs by Rush, Good Charlotte, The Rolling Stones, Nirvana, and playing to the songs from the radio. Picked up trombone thanks to my past fandom of RBF - played in high school Pep Band, Jazz Band, School Theater Orchestra, and sang Tenor I in Men's Chorus in high school. Picked up guitar and bass during sophomore year. Bass is fun, but my passion is guitar. Learned many songs on guitar and bass from the grunge genre. For college, I applied to music schools on trombone but did not get in because I had not taken private lessons in awhile which left me inefficiently preparing for auditions on my own, which I ultimately failed. I could play ska and fake jazz. I knew all the horn parts of every Reel Big Fish song. I thought I wanted to be a session guy, but was mainly doing what other people told me to do. Recently made my dream real buying a Rickenbacker 360 Mapleglo like Roger Mcguinn's of the Byrds (just a 6-string though in order to bend strings). "Self-taught" for four years until a few months ago when I began taking lessons from a studio guitarist/touring musician. Rarely played rock gigs for the most part. Did a ton of gigs on trombone in high school bands and jazz settings in college. Discovered my love for prog/space rock in the last year. I want a rock band or a progressive band. My dad is a less than successful film composer, so I have a fully functional studio in my garage full of vintage gear, also a rehearsal space.

I am a music nerd. I know quite a lot about bands, even ones I don't care for or listen to.

Vocals: Derek Shulman/Bob Mould/Richard Patrick
Background Vocals: Scott Klopfenstein/David Crosby
Guitar: Gary Green (rhythm) Eric Clapton, Trey Anastasio, Jerry Garcia (lead/solos) Steve Howe (compositions/technique)
Acoustic Guitar: Graeme Taylor
Bass: Robert Deleo/Les Claypool
Drums: John Weathers/Bill Bruford/Jon Hiseman
Piano: Vince Guaraldi
Organ: Graham Bond
Keyboards: Kerry Minnear/Rick Wakeman
Trumpet: Chet Baker/Scott Klopfenstein
Flugelhorn: Shorty Rogers
Trombone: Dan Regan
Saxophone: Paul Desmond/Eric Marienthal/Dick Heckstall-Smith
Clarinet: Gene Cipriano
Bassoon: Brian Gulland
Percussion: MB Gordy
Violin: Ray Shulman/Jean-Luc Ponty
Cello: Kerry Minnear
Accordion: Weird Al Yankovic
Banjo: Earl Scruggs
B-Bender: Marty Stuart/Clarence White
Ukulele: Tiny Tim
Upright Bass: Ron Carter
Tambourine: Gene Clark
Harmonica: John Popper
Songwriter: John Sebastian/Bob Mould
Lyricist: Frank Zappa/Les Claypool
Composer: John Williams
Arranger: Jimmie Haskell/Nelson Riddle
Critic: Robert Christgau

Favorite Record: Copper Blue - Sugar (1992)

Favorite Records of Each Decade:
1950s: The Chirping Crickets by Buddy Holly and the Crickets
1960s: Odyssey and Oracle by the Zombies/Roger the Engineer by the Yardbirds
1970s: The Power and the Glory by Gentle Giant
1980s: Flip Your Wig by Husker Du
1990s: Copper Blue by Sugar
2000s: Every Kind of Light by the Posies, The Young and the Hopeless by Good Charlotte, Apply Some Pressure by Maximo Park
2010s: Risk to Exist by Maximo Park.
2020s: a band that actually plays their instruments, of which I will be a member :)

Would love it if you're familiar with a couple of my influences.

As someone once made me realize, I am a lucky guy. I have met many music-related people fortunately. I want to show you that my love for music is living and breathing. My father and I have built up a decent network of music business connections. For starters, my grandfather taught the Carpenters to play accordion.

Anyway, thanks for reading. If you like the soup I'm cooking, hit me up on IG: brians4170.

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Jun 23 2020
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10 to 50
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6-7 nights a week
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Eric Clapton and his related projects, Gentle Giant, Gryphon, Bob Mould (Husker Du, Sugar), The Byrds, CCR, Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Chris Cornell, Foo Fighters, Maximo Park, The Posies, Grateful Dead, Phish, John Sebastian and the Lovin' Spoonful, Yes, Talking Heads, Tom Petty, Genesis, Savoy Brown, Steely Dan, The Band, English Beat, Frank Zappa, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Graham Bond Organisation, CAN, Buddy Holly, The Yardbirds, Jeff Beck, The Jam, The Housemartins, Henry Cow, Ian Carr's Nucleus, Allan Holdsworth, Brian Bennett, Gong, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Good Charlotte, Carolina Liar, 009 Sound System, North Atlantic Oscillation, Saliva, Finger Eleven, 311, Breaking Benjamin, Primus, Eagles, Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Oasis, Crash Test Dummies, Puddle of Mudd, Days of the New, Filter, Staind, Reel Big Fish, Goldfinger, Porcupine Tree, Burning Airlines/Jawbox/J. Robbins, Sloan, Colosseum, The Everly Brothers, Spoon, Henry Mancini, and Vince Guaraldi.

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2019 Rickenbacker 360
1986 Fender Squier Bullet
1969 Ovation Condor w/ GSM/RSM Effects Units
2015 PRS SE Angelus Acoustic
2016 Ibanez TMB 100 Bass
2017 Fender Squire Jaguar Bass
1967(?) Vintage Yamaha Custom Drums
1968 Conn 6-h Trombone
70s Rickenbacker TR-25
2019 Fender Frontman
2018 Boss Distortion Pedal
2019 Boss RC-1 Looper Pedal
2020 Janglebox Compressor/Sustainer Pedal
80s Digitech Chorus/Flanger Pedal
80s Goodrich Volume Pedal
1936 Steinway D Grand (prize)
1970 Conn Theatrette w/ Leslie Organ
80s Yamaha CP-70
80s Ensoniq Mirage
1956 Excelsior Accordion
1940s Small-scale Accordion
1974 Conn C-11
A Dulcimer, 'cause why not?
A Banjo
2 DPA Small Scale Mics
2 Condenser Mics
1 Large Diaphragm Vocal Mic
Digi002 Interface
2 Mackies
Multiple Sets of Studio Headphones
Functional older versions of Pro Tools