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Bottom Line: I'm composing an electronica project. Vocalist(s) required. BUZZDUMMY.

What is Buzzdummy?: Buzzdummy is an alias I've fashioned to exercise the electronic audio demons that won't allow me to sleep at night.

Buzzdummy is me. Buzzdummy is you. Buzzdummy is us.

Buzzdummy is not a solo name, but a moniker that represents the collective effort of any and everyone who contributes something to this very special and unique project.

About Me:

My name is Clark Parker (formerly known as "Seven" and "Villainelle"). Most people who know me know that I'm a hip hop emcee and producer. I write my own lyrics, produce my own instrumentals, and have performed at my fair share of venues in and around the city. I've been featured in the Redeye newspaper and have been mentioned on their website numerous times. Other than that, I'm heavy into literature and comic books, and I used to write for the newspaper at NIU. So it goes without saying that I'm not your average hip hopper. Still, what's a "rapper" doing trying to make electronic music? Well, as I've already hinted, I'm quite the odd creature - and I just can't help myself.

My Agenda:

I'm currently experimenting with my production, as a tribute to a genre that I very much love and enjoy. So this is a sincere attempt to stretch my legs, step outside of the box, and confront some unknown territory. Don't be fooled by my amateur tone here though. I pride myself on having an excellent ear for music and, being the perfectionist that I am, I can assure you that this new endeavor will be handled with the utmost sensitivity and dedication. I will not settle for anything less than the full realization and perfection of my vision.

My Aim:

I want to capture a very retro/1980s feel, bring something new to the table, yet stay true to the greats that have come before. The best way I can explain how I plan to do this is to provide you with some examples of my biggest influences. What I'm going for is something... rhythmic as Portishead (://./watch?v=gEQNAZGoZrw) spacey as Crystal Castles (://./watch?v=QSOAYiWEkIc&feature=related) heavy as Deadmau5 (://./watch?v=T50ucVLKON4) universal as Daft Punk (://./watch?v=r4rhX6iB-2o) hypnotizing as Glass Candy (://./watch?v=bkJ7aHhRGMc) heart pounding as Massive Attack (://./watch?v=li-adM-qOwI) sexy and retro as Kavinsky (://./watch?v=MV_3Dpw-BRY) innovative and fresh as YOU...

whoever YOU are...but where exactly do YOU come in?

YOUR Role:

I am in search of vocalists. I would prefer several contributors so that this project can maintain a high level of diversity, but if I find someone who performs beyond my expectations I'm more than willing to dedicate the entire project to that individual. I do not have a gender preference nor an affinity for a particular type of voice (baritone, tenor, soprano, etc.). Whatever fits best will work fine with me. I'm looking for versatility more than anything. If you have intentions to take on this project in its entirely, you should be able to switch gears and be a flexible as the music itself may require.

The Collaboration Process:

Being the avid writer that I am, I'm enticed to take on all the lyrical writing duties myself. For a few select songs I definitely will, but for the most part I'm completely open to collaborating on the lyrical content and being as absent in that process as you'd like me to be. Just know that, even though I'm looking for mild simplicity, I am NOT looking for average content. If you have aspirations of singing about life, love, loss, and things of that nature that's absolutely fine. But you better be ready to make good use of metaphors and imagery of a rather unconventional nature -- vampires, zombies, robots, and monsters, etc. If you're thinking..."corny" then you're sadly mistaken. "Epic" is more like it.

What I will Provide:

Obviously, the music.

I would prefer to record vocals in a professional studio, which I have access to, but it isn't free. But don't worry! I will cover all the expenses! (Although, if you're able to record high quality vocals for cheap or even free you'll quickly become my new best friend!). I would like to be present at all recording sessions, but I am not opposed to a virtual collaboration (I send you music, you record, send it back to me, I critique, send it back to you, etc. etc.)


This is NOT promo for my hip hop career! I could care less if these sites receive any traffic right now. I am providing this reference material for the sole purpose of displaying my capabilities as a producer.

be: ://./iamclarkparker

: ://./iamclarkparker (Hip Hop Production...the old and sh*tty mixed with the new and improved. You'll have to sift through the trash to find the gems.)

You can also listen to my mixtape "28 Tracks Later" - (produced by me)...

Free Streaming Version (Dattpiff): ://.datpiff/pop-mixtape-player.php?id=m60ccf4e

Free Downloadable Version (Megaupload): ://.megaupload/?d=TAG4TX7P

I know this is a lot to swallow all at once, but I promise that I will make this journey well worth your time. If you think you're up for the challenge, hit my email with a sample or two of you singing. I will respond to all worthy candidates with a sneak preview of what is to be the first song that we would work on. If you're a good fit for this, then I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

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