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Lived in the area since 2011. Lived in the Nashville area most of my adult life. I'm primarily a guitar player with a stronger rhythm than lead style. I have also had a long time fascination with electronic music and instruments. I'm pretty comfortable with all kinds of stringed instruments. I kinda have this vision of "Folk-Industrial", but I'm really a fan of many genres and listen to too many different styles to limit myself. I love acoustic instruments but yet I have a love of MIDI / noise / experimental / aggressive music as well.

I am interested in bands, but being that I have a wife / kids / day job, I'm more interested in exploring ideas and seeing what we can come up with in a purely compositional relationship and if we feel the music is something we all feel strongly enough about see where it leads us.

That said I do have time to work on music and love to collaborate with other musicians to bounce ideas back and forth with. I really like the idea of working with local artists vs. the internet. Even if we mostly work independently sharing mixes back and forth to see what we can come up with, I see that as time well spent. Nice to get together in person to talk over things and practice / explore in person.

I have never felt comfortable with vocals and lyrics. However I've always felt like the melodies I come up with could be great if someone had a complementary style. Also, in the same way, would love to add a collaborative layer for them as well. To create songs that are larger than the sum of their parts..

I'm going to work on populating my account with recent stuff I've been working on, but much of it is WIP, so it's always tough to know when something is really done.

For now it's mostly acoustic based ideas from the 90's I never got around to finishing. Once I get through my backlog of ideas, I'll be pursuing many ideas that are more electronic in nature, but still likely to have a guitar presence.

Too many songs and not enough time..

I also have been really working hard to be better at recording / engineering. My studio is comfortable now, but I still feeling like there is this mystical haze between stuff that sounds like a home recording and professional stuff and I hope some day to feel I've crossed that threshold.

if you want to reach me look for me on the book of faces - new atlantis sound house. that's my page.

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TL;DR - Basically I'm big into darker stuff, ambient, shoegazer, gothic, Industrial, 80's and 90's pop and electronic music, but there is great new music coming out now so I like to strike a balance of past and present possibilities to come up with something new.

Bands I like:
Coil, Slowdive, Aphex Twin, Believer, Cranes, Film School, Vengeance Rising, NIN, Nirvana, Vangelis, Pink Floyd, Alphaville, Pinback, Elysian Fields, Lush, John Zorn/Naked City, Boards of Canada, Depeche Mode, Ulrich Schnauss, Tangerine Dream, Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, and many many others.

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Mac G4 (OS9) running Digital Performer 3 (2001), MOTU 2408, MIDI Express, Other than my Microbrute and a few pedals, my instruments and effects are all are old enough to buy alcohol, if well if synths were people.. I'm pretty much entirely outboard gear after years of being a "laptop musician" and came out of that favoring patch cords over software.. both have their pros and cons and I know them all very well.