Vocalist, Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard.


WHO I AM: I am a 46-year-old guitarist who is deeply in love with music that moves my heart. Music may not be how I make my living, but it is truly what makes me feel most alive. I have been involved in numerous projects spanning the gamut of genres during the past three decades, but my desire from here on out is to commit myself to one project with the express intention of making music that is serene, spacious, sentimental, and able to provide a perfect canvas for vivid vocal harmonizing. This is where you come in.

WHO YOU ARE: I am looking for a dedicated partner with whom to create and collaborate. Your ability to play guitar, bass, or keys would potentially complement my own playing and add layered texture and dimension to our sound. What is also required is that you sing in tune, are comfortable crafting vocal harmony parts, and are willing to be an active participant in the songwriting process. I am seeking someone who sincerely wishes to be an integral component in an ongoing artistic partnership.

WHO WE ARE: Our primary objective for this project will be to make music rather than money. Our sound will be characterized by slow tempos, atmospheric ambience, minimalist arrangements, and interwoven vocal harmonies. Our sound will hopefully also be haunting or haunted. (I'd happily take either.) Although this project will commence as a duo, I remain open to the idea of expanding our roster to incorporate additional personnel based on our sonic needs as we move ahead.

WHO THEY ARE: While I obviously cannot offer sound samples of a project that does not yet exist, I can instead offer a comparable point of reference. As far as established recording artists with a similar sound go, the band Low has been immensely influential and has perhaps come closest to capturing the type of vibe that I tend to veer toward. If you are not already familiar with Low's stellar body of work, I invite you to explore exemplars from their extensive catalog to get you acquainted, and hopefully, inspired.

WHAT TO DO: Contact me if you are interested and we can discuss the project in greater depth. If possible, please include samples of your work as well as any relevant information pertaining to your musical background. Should you happen to feel that you are lacking in experience, rest assured that having the right heart can more than make up for that. Finding a proper partner for this project has not exactly proven to be the easiest of tasks thus far, but perhaps that alone has made the search all the more endearing to me.

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