Other Percussion, Drums, Bass Guitar, Vocalist.


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Me: Guitarist. Playing guitar for over 20 years now...scary.
Started singing about 9 years ago.

I'm an able player in many styles, trained by some good teachers, but also learned a lot in bars, clubs, and other unlikely places (like auditions). Capable of reading, played in jazz bands, combos, rock bands all throughout my 'youth' and made a living professionally for a few years doing the cover circuit and jazz trio gigs. Not interested in playing as the sole source of income anymore. Not saying I wont take paying gigs...that lifestyle just wears on your soul, and really I think it put a damper on my desire to create my own music, as well as the enjoyment of playing.

Not interested in cover projects unless they are the financial backing for a creative project with the same players in both groups. However money is nice, and I spent years learning hundreds of tunes, so if you need a fill in or temp let me know.

You: Musician(s) interested in what I have to offer for long term project.
Or...somebody who needs a fill-in, or part time guitarist for a jazz/rock/funk/etc...gig or just wants to play. Drop me a line.
If you list yourself as playing every instrument and the kitchen sink as so many people on here do, please specify which one is your strongest when contacting, and ensure to have samples of you playing that specific instrument.

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The Early Years: Hendrix/VanHalen/JimmyPage
The Middle Years: Wes Mongomerey/John McLaughlin/Steve Howe
The Later Middle Years: Bach/Schoenberg/George Harrison
Recently: All over the map. Anything from the Misfits to Mozart.

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Now hiring!
Bassist + Drummer. Back up vocal ability a plus...a big plus.

I'm not going to make any stipulations, but musicians with some skill and experience desired. The first is more important to me than the second... I continue to get older (28), but somehow the musicians I play with stay the same age over time...so if you are younger (like early 20's) and you want to play with someone with some experience as either a stepping stone or just to stop playing with immature and/or unskilled guys...let me know. My last drummer was actually 19 when I met him and 20 when he did his first gig with me...killer player and had the right work ethic and attitude.

I'm interested in working with genuine people who are really into what they do - choice of style has less bearing to me than content.


Multiple amps. Multiple cabinets. True stereo guitar set-up with all the gizmos. Strats, Godin, Ovation, etc... Variety of monitors with power amp. Roland GR-33 for extra synth texture out of the guitar. All the cables and mics a messy pile could ever ask for. DI's, Microphones, stands, the "emergency gig tool box", adapters...etc...