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I Believe In You and Me

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Vocalist - Soprano, Lead Guitar, Drums, Trumpet, Saxophone, Keyboard, Vocalist - Alto, DJ, Electronic Music.


Hello, My Name is Carl Anthony.
I am Looking for a NEW PARTNER OR PARTNERS that Must Have Booking Connections for $PAID PRIVATE OLDIES-Standards GIGS$ in the Senior Entertainment Communities in and around the Philadelphia, PA. areas [NO BARS]. My NEW PARTNER or NEW PARTNERS could be a Professional Mature Male Singer, a DJ, a Mature Professional Female Lead Singer that sings Oldies and Standards or a Mature Musician that plays one of these instruments: Guitar, Sax, Trumpet, Keys or Drums. Any of These instruments would blend in with the BackingTracks. The Important thing is that This New Partner Must Have Booking Connections for $PAID PRIVATE OLDIES-Standards GIGS$ in the Senior Entertainment Communities in a around the Philadelphia, PA. areas. Example: [Senior Dances - Senior Private Parties - Senior Nursing Homes -- ETC. Performing: OLDIES and the Great STANDARDS - I would be willing to share the Front with another Male Lead Singer providing that they could Book the ACT in the Proper Venues - I do not have the time to look for $Paid Gigs$ for seniors. Experience tells me that Seniors do not like to pay a lot for live music because they can get a DJ for $100. That's why I am looking for that special partner that has the Senior Connections needed to get what little paying work there is for an Act that caters to Seniors that are over 60 yrs. of age. [NO BARS]

I am a Pro Lead Singer and I use Musical Multi Midi BackingTracks for the Act.
You can contact me at: oldiesdoowop--at--ya--hoo--dot--com
this site does not allow me to type my email address correctly

I am looking for a NEW PARTNER OR PARTNERS that must have talent and must have $Paid Private Oldies and Standards Gigs$ or Booking Connections to get [$$Paid Private Oldies Gigs$$] in the Senior Entertainment Markets in: Mercer, Burlington, Camden, Philly, Bucks and Montgomery Counties - [NO BARS] - I do not work alone

I use Multi Midi BackingTracks for Hundreds of Hit Odies but Goodies: [Oldies - Standards - DooWop] which include: The Great Standard Hits that the Big Vegas Stars performed like: Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin, Tony Bennett, Sammy Davis Jr. ETC. -The Hits that the Fabulous Doo Wop groups performed like: The Duprees, The Skyliners, Little Anthony and the Imerials ETC. and the Fast and Slow Hits of the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s -

My NEW PARTNERS JOB: will be to have or look for Paid Oldies Gigs in the Senior Entertainment Market, perform and learn their parts, and help me to carry, setup, and take down all of my LIVE SOUND and Reproduction Amplifiers, Speakers, Keyboards, Microphones, and Laptop Computer Sequencing Equipment.

My JOB: is to learn my Lead Singing parts, and Maintain on a continual basis, the Background Backing Tracks for The ACT, and to purchase any electronic equipment we may need to be The BEST ACT that we can be.

A Side Note to DJ's: This Oldies Act could be even more Popular if my NEW PARTNER were to be a DJ - beccause working with a DJ would alow me to be able to perform to a broader audience - The DJ could play any kind of music that may be requested from someone in the audience young or Old. I would perform LIVE and sing the Oldies but the DJ could play any kind of music that was requested. I think this kind of an Act would be a HIT - However the audience would have to have a majority of Seniors in it to appreciate the Oldies ACT - "Why hire just a DJ when YOU have your next Oldies Event when YOU can get a DJ and LIVE OLDIES ENTERTAINMENT for the same price?" Just an IDEA that I have - If YOU ARE a DJ an Have booking Connections in the right venues and would like to AD a Professional Singer with Backing Tracks to YOUR ACT --
Email Me At: oldiesdoowop--at--ya--hoo--dot--com
Email is: oldiesdoowop--at--ya--hoo--dot--com
This site does not allow me to type my address correctly.

I like to Mix LIVE MUSICIANS/SINGERS with the BackingTracks FOR ENTERTAINMENT and REALISM for the audience so that the performance IS NOT CONSIDERED a KARAOKE ACT

This is a perfect opportunity for a 55+ Musician who has connections with any senior organizations that have Senior Monthly Dances or parties for anniversaries and Birthdays and does not have a Good Band to work with. Join up with me and the 2 of us can handle any Senior Event that needs entertainment: The Oldies but Goodies, DooWop, Polkas, Jewish Favorites, Line Dancing and the Great Standards and Big Band Musical Hits for their enjoyment.

The ACT is geared for a 60+ Senior Audience at Private Events. Example: Saturday Night Dances at the Moose, Masons, Elks, Knights of Columbus, American Legions, Senior Community Dances and Anniversaries and Birthday Parties for Seniors to listen and dance to the music that they grew up on.

The ACT is also not geared to be in a corner of a restaurants dining room with people eating their dinner and talking 5ft. away from the ACT, the music is too loud for that. Most of the songs have 16Tracks of sound and the arrangements are geared for a 55+ Dancing Audience coming out of a Large Professional Sound System to give realism and dancing pleasure for the Audience. Only apply if YOU have TALENT and YOU can get Paid Oldies Gigs performing the OLDIES, DOOWOP, and STANDARDS in these local counties: MERCER, BURLINGTON, CAMDEN, PHILLY, BUCKS and MONTGOMERY counties for the proper venues. THANK YOU, Carl Anthony


My Current Act is Geared for a Senior Audience - My New Partner or Partners must have talent and must have $Paid Gig Connections$ in the Senior Entertainment Market - If YOU have $Paid Gigs$ in the [Oldies - Standards - DooWop] Senior Entertainment Market in my area [NO BARS]


The Musical Background for the Hit [OLDIES - STANDARDS - DooWop] songs which include.: The Great Standard Hits that were performed by the Big Vegas Stars like: Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin, Sammy Davis Jr. ETC., Doo Wop Group Hits by the Duprees, Skyliners, ETC. and the Fast and Slow Hits from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s - Using Multiple Musical Backing Tracks consisting of: Pianos, Organs, Guitars, Strings, Brass and Sax Sections, Choirs, Bass, Drums and a multitude of other various Instruments and sound effects just to reproduce one[1]song.

Carl Anthony has Backing Tracks for Hundreds of Hit Songs consisting of: Doo Wop, MoTown, Rhythm and Blues, Rock, Soul, Big Bands, Jazz, Swing, Disco and The Old Great Standards performed by all of the Big Vegas Stars.

The group Champagne just broke up because the Horn Players had other personal, business and health issues, the Sax Player just died of cancer. - I'm looking for a NEW PARTNER OR PARTNERS that must play one of these instruments: Tenor Sax, Trumpet, Keys, Guitar, Drums or be a Mature Professional Female Lead Singer. The NEW PARTNER must have talent and they must have $Paid [Oldies - Standards - DooWop] Gigs$ or Booking Connections for the Private Senior Entertainment Market in Philly and the NEAR SURROUNDING AREAS. [NO BARS]

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Carl Anthony Sings the Oldies
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Mar 02 2012
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Very Committed
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Over 100
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2 Yamaha Keyboards, 2 HP Laptop Computers on Stage Stands, Rolland Cakewalk Musical Computer Software, Fender Jazz Bass and Amp, [2] Shure SM58S Mikes, [2] Sennheiser E845S Mikes, Various other Pro-Mikes and Mike Stands - [4] Kustom 15" Main and Monitor Speaker Cabs on Stage Stands, two [2] Yamaha EMX 512SC Power Mixers - a Phonic 780 Power Mixer Amplifier and Effects Devices - [4] 12" Behringer Cabs with Horns and Titanium Tweeters on Stage Stands. I have all the PA Sound Equipment Needed to Play any $Paid [Oldies - Standards] Gig$