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Additional info on the tracks above:

I played all instruments and sang. I am currently only concentrating on drumming gigs. I do not like to sing and play drums at the same time. So, I won't accept gigs that require singing.


If you wish to EMAIL ME DIRECTLY:
contact [at] drummer.e4ward [dot] com

Or chat with me on via web browser:
webchat [dot] carlovirtucio [dot] com
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Looking to shed with fusion/jazz/rock minded musicians who also have a flavor for latin/songo/experimental/progressive/noise/punk/r&B/gospel. I am looking for people that are musically, stylistically, and creatively open minded. I do mean open-minded. If you can conceivably mix elements of punk and jazz together, then you're on the right track.

Very importantly, I'm looking for musicians who are community minded (not here to showboat or have any artistic agenda to prove).

I would love to be able to assemble a "collective" of creative musicians and artists, much like Snarky Puppy or the Elephant 6 Collective. Shed sessions can be a forum for us to connect and sharpen our skills; be a place of inspiration, through creative jamming and music exploration. Something to just allow us experiment and try things out that we normally wouldn't be able to do in "rehearsal" settings. If things gel and the elements are right, there is no reason why we should not perform our ideas publicly to entertain and create a fun and inspiring atmosphere for our audience.

If I were to form a band, my musical vision for that band would be to play original instrumental music that has form but can be out of the box, bold and edgy (think elements of Deerhoof, The Fisticuffs Bluff, Hella, Animals as Leaders), with room for improvisation (think jazz Kneebody, The Altered, or Mostly Other People Do the Killing). Something that is entertaining to the average listener, yet inspiring to the "musicians" in the crowd, as well as being current and original. I'm looking for people who enjoy entertaining people as much as they love to play and experiment with music.

I would like to start with a bassist, a guitarist, and possibly a keyboardist. But, I welcome ALL instruments strings, brass, woodwinds, even long as you can improvise. Also, you don't have to necessarily be exclusive to this band. I play in a few bands myself. I just ask that you be reliable and be professional by keeping your calendar together.

The goal is to eventually get in on as many venues without having to "pay to play" and just getting heard. But for now, I'd like to start things off casual and no pressure. I'm more interested in personal growth and community.



I am interested in networking and building solid professional relationships with other professional, like-minded musicians for studio work, live gigs, short-term local tour, and being part of a COMMUNITY of musicians.

Please understand, my priority is for projects and gigs that are for pay. Not to say that I won't do anything for free, but my limited resources will factor in for the amount of time investment and fuel expenses I can realistically commit to do for free. Contact me and let's figure out if we can come up with something that will be mutually beneficial for all of us!

I take my drumming as seriously as I would any day job and you are the boss. I am easy to get along with and very musically open minded. I don't come into a project with any "artistic agenda". It is your music/project after all. You tell me what you want and I do my best to make it happen.

I know that I am not good for everything, but I know that I can be good for a lot of things. If you feel that I might fit with what you are working on, please don't hesitate to contact me and we can discuss further.

Email me: contact [at] drummer.e4ward [dot] com
Chat via web browser: carlovirtucio [dot] com

My personal experiences behind the drum kit have taken me on a diverse journey of music (from Mexican Banda, to Jazz, to Funk, to Fusion, to Hard Rock, to Grunge, to Pop, to Musical Theater, to Avant Garde/Noise/Experimental, etc.) I am careful to play appropriately for the situation or venue, but I will color outside the line if given the "go". I learn quickly, I listen to the other musicians in the group, and watch visual cues. If you can communicate well what you are looking for (verbally or visually), it makes it easier for me to "follow along".

I have played the bass and electric guitar enough to understand music in a much broader level than just understanding rhythm concepts. I do understand some music theory, melodic/harmonic intervals, chord progression, song arrangement, etc.

I do read music (rhythmic notation). Although, my sight reading ability is not as polished as it used to be, I can follow drum charts and other written forms of a "drummer's roadmap" where needed. I am able to chart out my drum parts as needed. All my musical theater gigs require reading drum scores.

I can comfortably play with a click for both studio and live situations.

My formal training started with only a couple months of private drum lessons the summer before I started 7th grade. For the next year I self-studied notation reading, stick control, and drum set coordination exercises. I skipped beginning band and went directly into advanced band by the time I joined the school band in 8th grade. In my freshman year in high school I was immediately put on snare drum for the drum line/marching band and remained in that position until graduating. During all four years of high school, I was the only drum kit player for the jazz band and I played the snare or timpani for the symphonic concert band. After high school, I kept myself involved in music ensembles and productions where I continued to sharpen my skills. I am still continuously learning, studying, and practicing exercises and concepts from educational books, DVDs, videos from be, and from direct exchanges with other drummers I meet throughout my life in order to keep growing as a musician. I understand that there is always something new to work on and I am always eager to learn something new and challenge myself.

Current Active Bands/Projects
* 2013, November 30 - present: CC Stugino - drums
* 2005 - present: Granada Heights Friends Church Worship Team - drums
* 2015, August 23 - present: REIGN Christian Fellowship Worship Team - drums and bass
* 2015, September 20 - present: Parkcrest Christian Church Worship Team - drums
* 2015, October 2 - present: House of Faces - drums
Past Bands/Projects/Notable Performances
* 2015, Aug 8 - Alzheimer's Foundation Walk to End Alzheimer's Kick-off Party live music entertainment with CC Stugino - drums
* 2015, May 8 - June 13 (13 shows) - Theatre Out production of "Kiss of The Spider Woman" - drums
* 2014, September 27 - Winner of Rockzilla Awards 2014 for "Best Hybrid Funk/Rock/Blues"
* 2011, May 22-present (on haitus): House of Faces - drums
* 2014, May 30 - June 29 (15 shows) - Costa Mesa Playhouse production of "Little Shop of Horrors" - drums, percussion
* 2012, October 14 - 2014, March (on call): KUMG (Church of Amazing Grace, Kenyan Congregation) - drums
* 2014, February 7 - March 9 (15 shows) - Costa Mesa Playhouse production of Stephen Sondheim's "Assassins" - drums, percussion
* 2013, December 14 - "Christmas on Purpose" Christmas program at GHFC - drums
* 2012, March 4 - House of Faces (band) Winner of the Mirror Image Studios, Fullerton, CA Battle of the Bands Competition
* 2009, July-2012, September: Trinormous ://trinormous.webs (band) - drums
* 2011, September 17 - Trinormous The Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, CA. Opening for Cecilio & Kapono
* 2011, July 15, 16, 23, 29, 30 - "Songs for a New World" at The Empire Theater, Santa Ana, CA - drums/percussion
* 2010, April 17: Alive in One - Winner of Stewardship Estates Battle of the Bands, Norwalk, CA, hosted by KFSH 95.9 The Fish, Sponsored by Sarasona and Stewardship Estates LLC
* 2010, Jan 15-Feb 20 (16 shows): Jonathan Larson's "Tick Tick BOOM!" at The Empire Theater, Santa Ana, CA - drums
* 2009, April 4: Family Jam house band "The Big 'L'ife" - drums
* 2009, March 13 to April 5 (Fri, Sat, Sun): The La Habra Depot Theater performance of Stephen Sondheim's "Assassins" - drums, percussion
* 2008, December 21: GHFC "The Gift and The Giver" Christmas Program - drums
* 2008, November 14: "Rock for Justice" Benefit Concert for Refuge House w/ Ordinary People - drums
* 2008, September 26: Overflow Youth Rally w/ Destination 7 - drums (subbing for Jeremy)
* 2008, August 29: GHFC Burgers and Bands w/ The Big "L"ife and GHFC House Band - drums
* 2008, March 15: Family Jam w/ GHFC House Band - drums
* 2008-Sept 2010: Alive in One (band) - drums
* 2007, December 23: GHFC "Emanuel" Christmas Program - drums
* 2007, October (one month run): Costa Mesa Civic Playhouse "Full Monty" - drums
* 2007, September 29: Ordinary People "Extra Mile 2007" - drums
* 2007, September 28: Orange County High School of the Arts "Performing with the Pros w/ David Burnham" - drums
* 2007, September 22: Light at the Lighthouse w/ Ordinary People - drums
* 2007, August 31: Burgers and Bands w/ GHFC House Band - drums
* 2006: Fullerton High School "Alumni Project" (Avenue Q; Songs for a New World; I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change") - drums
* 2006: Justin Francis "Move in Power" (CD and concerts, s://play.spotify/album/5xUUv217Ijdaq6utkkbIxa) - bass
* 2005-2006: Mushpot (band) - bass
* 2006: Our Story...(Wedding CD) - solo project/all instruments/vocals
* 2001-2005: DynoMight (band) - drums
* 2000-2006: Downhill Supercruiser (band) - guitar/vocals, then drums
* 1997-2000:Ocean View Baptist Church worship teams: Joyful Noise (electric guitar), Rejoice (drums), and God First (drums)
* 1996: Drummer for local Mexican band.
* 1995-1996: Drummer for several performaces for Huntington Beach School of Performing Arts and Edison High School Performing Arts.
* 1995: Huntington Beach School of Performing Arts production of Peter Pan - drums
* 1992-2000: Barfing Tomato's (band) - drums, then guitar/vocals


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Aug 08 2008
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Level of commitment:
Very Committed
Years playing music:
Gigs played:
Over 100
Tend to practice:
More than 3 times per week
Available to gig:
1 night a week
Most available:


All styles, from Deerhoof to Dave Weckl, etc.

Some local bands that I admire:

King Llama:

Sketch Orchestra:

The Altered:

Instrument experience:

Bass Guitar:


Pacific MX5 Drums; Sabian, Meinl, and Paiste Cymbals



Past Events

Overflow - Youth Event
Mandarin Baptist Church
501 N. Santa Anita Ave.,
Arcadia, CA 91006

Subbing on drums for Destination 7.