Black Santa


Drums, Other Percussion, Other.


noise/noise rock/stoner rock/drone/doom/free-jazz/psycadelic

very, very heavy. odd-time signatures. multiple effects pedals used on guitar and bass. lots of amps. LOUD! LOUD! LOUD!

our lyrics are more phonetic, meaning the way the lyrics sound when you hear them as opposed to what they actually mean is more important for the overall impact of what's being said and/or sung.

Screen name:
Casey of Black Santa
Member since:
Feb 17 2007
Active over 1 month ago
Level of commitment:
Very Committed
Years together:
Gigs played:
Under 10
Tend to practice:
More than 3 times per week
Available to gig:
1 night a week
32 years


Black Sabbath, Black Flag, Lightning Bolt, Sunn O))), Niel Young, Rush, Butthole Surfers, Noxagt, Melvins, Sleep, Public Enemy, Big Black, Shellac, Sonic Youth, Flipper, Minutemen, Boris, Boredoms, Melt-Banana, Harvey Milk, Fugazi, Dinosaur Jr, the pillows, The Wipers, Harvey Milk, Einstuerzende Neubauten, Wolf Eyes, Men of PORN, Big Business, godheadSilo, the Dicks, Mudhoney, Led Zep(kinda), Husker Du, Sightings, Can't, Merzbow, Government Alpha, etc.

you know, bands that kick ass but no one tries to get a hold of.

we are also very into the music of the original Nintendo and Super Nintendo such as all of the Mario themes,, Final Fantasy music, SIM City music, and all of that other lo-fi cheep keyboard stuff.

Members Of Band

Casey - bass, slide bass, keys, vox

Jared - guitar, keys, vox

Nick - drums

casey and jared and nick are on . find us if you want.


Casey: Bass - Fender "Geddy Lee" Jazz bass
Keyboard: Casio SA-21 which is ran through the rig of whomever is playing it.
Rig: SWR 400 Watt head and 4x10 cab and Hartke 4x10 cab.
Effects: 30-year-old DOD Analog Delay, Digitech "Whammy", Boss Digital Delay, Digitech "Death Meatal" distortion, Fender "Blender" fuzz, DOD "Overdrive Plus", Danelectro "Milk Shake" chorus.

Jared: Guitar: Fender mexican Tele(lefty)
Rig: Crate 2x12 combo and Fender 4x12 cab
Effects: Boss Octave, Fender "Blender" fuzz, Boss "Hyperfuzz", Boss "DS-1", Electro Marmonix "Small Clone" chorus

Nick - drums that do the trick