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: copy and paste "" cereus-official "" We should be 1st

YO YOO, Ok so make a long story short we were once a band of four but people move on, except us (guitarist and drummer), we remade our old band and continue to write music. We're from SOUTH GATE and HUNTINGTON PARK and we been a duo since the beginning. We need a Bassist and a Singer (an extra guitar to help with writing music would be rad too)! If you got the skills and want to start small shows in the scene here and MAKE SOMETHING COOL IN THIS CITY hit us up!!!! We are still building up gear and making our recordings better but hey, better than some of the shiee some other bands here are doing lol.

CONTACT INFO: IG:"" cxrxus ""(BLACK AND PURPLE LOGO PFP) OR our email """ official.cereus """ AT GEEMAIL DOT CUM

We play everything alternative, punk, heavy rock, indie, garage rock, rock, some beach rock we dig too and that hype shiieeee. If u would like to know us more but hesitant on joining just hit us up and we can fill u in more to help u decide if ur down! our gear and fav bands will be below

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Nirvana, RHCP, Beatles, Linkin Park, TWRP, Tenacious D, Queen, Bowie, Metallica, Blondie, Ramones, Them Crooked Vultures, queens of the stone age, black sabbath, led zeppelin, NSP, Artic Monkeys, the strokes, bee gees, rolling stones, beach boys, SOAD, RATM, ADTR, INK, Dio, pink Floyd, king gizzard lizard wizard, White stripes, the cribs, Foo fighters, beastie boys, the Who, Sex Bo-bomb, black flag, Daft Punk, Glam rock, Indie sh*t like DKHBTFM and Lemon twigs, kings of inconvenience, MGMT, I'm getting tired writing all these but u get the point lol.

Members Of Band

Albert (me, the dude who made this account) LEAD/RYTHYM GUITARIST, Drummer man! (he doesn't want his name on here bruhhh)


Rad 5-piece drum set with new heads, electric drum kit, Fender Champion 100 guitar amp, Orange 20R guitar amp, bunch of XLRS (Like 8), 4 Instrument cables, 3x Shure sm57s, 1 Shure sm58, 1 blue bluebird cardioid, 1 fender dynamic mic, 1 Scarlett focusrite condenser, 2nd gen 18i20 Scarlett Audio Interface, Fender American performer jazzmaster, squire 1998 tele with hot rails, Epi LP LTD with Seymour duncans, Fender dreadnaught acoustic, Nylon guitar, Epi violin bass with flatwounds, PEDALSSS (chorus, fuzz,OD, Synth, looper, noise supression), Laptop with pro tools first cuz we broke, 2 floor mic stands, 2 standard mic stands, drum mic clips, good energy, small shit like extra strings picks capos etc.