[man among men]


Lead Guitar, Background Singer.



The Music - Hard Rock Fusion, Metal, Alternative Rock, Progressive, some jazzy funky stuff, Southern Rock, that girls can dance an guys can rock out too at A432HZ

True Temperament guitars & Bass
Fret-less Bass

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Cf man among men
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Aug 05 2014
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Very Committed
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oil, Fred Green, GOZ, Overtones, Pantera, Dream Theater, Seal, Mike Patton, Rage Against the Machine, Megadeth, Queensryche, Faith No More, Geoff Tate, Jason Becker, Marty Friedman, Greg Howe, Korn, Smashing Pumpkins, DefTones

Members Of Band

[man among men] is
Chris Knocke - Bass on Outlawz, R-Complex, The Distance, & Rise 'n' Shine
Benjamin Gilley - Bass & ------ on Supernaturale', Epiphany, Beyond All Measure, Scapegoat Poster Boy, & the remainder of the album
Chris Peeler - Drums &
andres ramos hernandez - guitars & vocals
Larry Elyea - Post Production & Mastering Recording Engineer
special guests appearances by Clancy McCarthy on Drums for ''Adrenachrome''


Bogner Amps
Roland & BOSS Processor's
Fishman Influence p/up's
Voodoo Power
Xotic Pedals
True Temperament Necks
DiMarzio Cables
New Balance Shoes Made USA
and Dunlop picks



Past Events

first single release debut!
for EP release winter 2019/2020
for album release summer 2020
by [man among men]

There's a party goin' on right here
A celebration to last throughout the years
So bring your good times, and your laughter too
We gonna celebrate your party with you
Come on now!!!
Good day my friends... a beautiful day it is, yes!!!
Sit up, stretch, get out those yawns & while your grabbing your choice of get up an go go juice make sure to go to the [man among men] Events page for the Single Release Debut of ''Outlawz''! And click that your going & come be a part of herstory, i mean, history, mystory, ahh geez, ya know what i mean, :P

this will be the first time we have ever heard not only rock music, but music period, that it's known of, at A432HZ, other than oddly enough, ''oil''!!! One of my all time favorite bands ever, i recently discovered from my dear pal & major inspiration, Anthony McLain, a couple years ago, tuned to A432HZ & Verdi's tuning of A435HZ, which Verdi later opted to the A432HZ but it was to late & A435HZ was standard up until the 1939 or 1940's, brain fart, so after that, everything you and i and everyone has ever heard has been in A440HZ!!! 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, etc., all A440HZ, other than ''oil'' who was at A432HZ for an album or two, but that to, was in Equal Temperament, man made scaling that has only artificial harmonics and is technically out of tune with JI Just Intonation, pure intonation, fret-less instruments, that's why sometimes when you hear a piano & violins & an opera occasionally you hear a note or passage that seemed out of tune, what you heard was the freedom of the human voice & fret-less instruments clash with the man made temperament tuning...

also, A432HZ is believed to be Schumann's Resonance, the earth's core frequency of 7.83HZ, stacked in an TET fretting system for guitar to be heard is estimated to be at A432HZ by most experts of study, there are some arguments about that, but that's why it's an experiment, eh!?

What's unique about [man among men], Is that it is all performed on True Temperament guitars, using Anders Thidell fretting systems & 6 String Fret-less Bass guitar, practically JI!!! NO Equal Temperament instruments whatsoever!!! But True Temperament, now all chords ring True!!! In all keys, modes, scales & octaves, for the first time ever you will hear NOT only difference between frequencies i hope, but also the difference between Equal Temperament & True Temperament instruments... and of course, everything has been tuned to A432HZ!!! This will make for an interesting, exciting night to take in for sure!!! Hope ya enjoyed the frequency info! Thx for reading, thank you for your love & support!