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My name is Chadwick , I used to make Vlogs on be but it didn't get very far. i spent 5 years making vlogs that just didn't get the views , but my Real passion is Music. I've been a Musician for over 16 years and I love music and music is my Passion. SO I decided to Take that passion Of Music And Share it . It All started when I was only 15 years old. The house we moved into had a piano. When mom and dad Would leave and i had the house to myself, I would sit down at the piano and just start playing. Then a little while later my Parents Got divorced but My Dad bought drum kit. The idea came from walking and talking to my dad for hours about my dreams and music. So He went and bought a drum kit. He played a bit and so did my sis but I played and played and played and Then I moved around a lot for quite a few years. I didn't have a Drum kit so I would sometimes make my way to a place where you could jam like Woodwind and Brass in Southbend, IN. and I'd play there sometimes a friends . As for piano My Girl Friend at the time bought me a keyboard. I started out with my moms but then it got Stolen. So then my Girlfriend at the time bought me a keyboard.. I played and played and time passed Then Turned 18 and my girl at the time and i split up for good. and I moved Back Home to IN , then a few months later My sister in law introduced me to her best friend. And we talked and I moved to Wisconsin to Meet her. THen I ended up Staying and getting involved in her Church. My new Girlfriend Bought me a drum kit and I played and played and played and she bought me a keyboard. 6 months later we got married and then soon after I started playing the drums on the Worship team at church My wife is an amazing singer and her dad played the Piano.( Amazing Musician) and her mom Sings as Well. . My wifes dad and I played there for about 7yrs or so. He played longer because he was there before i came in the picture We had a baby boy. then two years later a baby girl Then our church at the time. Was done. It closed down. . So Our Family Had no Where to Play. Through out the years i was in a few bands. My first was a punk band. then they started playing in a metal band and I tried but my Children well I had to be a father and a husband and at the time left no room for a Band. Then I got out of both bands but I stilled played at church until it Closed. We also created a Christian band Called 3 N 1 Christian Band. Which at lasted for a bit then we split then my Wife and I and her mom and dad Started it back up . After our church closed we had no where to play. for a while . Then We found a church that was laid back and awesome and We needed somewhere to play and they needed someone to Play. So we became the Churches worship team. my Wife , her mom and dad and Me. for about 2 yrs or actually longer now and still going. I play the Drums at our current church now and occasionally i will bring my guitar and We will sing a few songs I wrote. I started playing the Acoustic/ Electric Guitar about over 3 years ago and play it everyday and i write my Own music/song. And The Harmonica I just picked up one day and started playing. I don't take lessons . I just pick it up and Play. I teach myself. Always have always will. I'm currently picking up the Violin . I turned my be Channel into a Music channel and I make drum cover videos every Tuesday and Friday. Here's a Link if You would like to see first hand what i do. s://./channel/UCrEtVwvjVYEZInpiVbGx3sQ

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Chadwick Seets Jr
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Aug 11 2016
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Meytal Cohen. Cobus Potigetier , Chad Smith, Travis Barker Kristina Schiano

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Alesis Dm Lite Kit (Electronic Drum kit)

Acoustic drum kit - I took a cheap one and over time added my own
First act Shell
Zildjian Cymbal 14" crash
Meinl Brass Hi Hats
Zildjian 20" ride
Sabian crash ride
Remo Tom heads
Evans Snare Head
Vex Snare Shell
Pulse Drum Sticks 5 B
Best choice Electric Guitar
Rogue Dreadnought Acoustic guitar w/ Elixar Strings
Jambone Harmonica Key of C
Homnor MarineBand Harmonica Key of A
Pulse bass pedal
Meinl Chinge
Meinl Cajone
Electronic keyboard.