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Milestone Mediaworks is a independent Music Producer, Composer and Arranger for Songwriters, Vocalists, Musicians, and other Artists. We also create Demo Music, do music Mix / Mastering. We work with Songwriters, Solo Artists, Musicians and Bands who need professionally produced music. Our clients include both veteran Artists as well as new Artists just getting into the music business.

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Gene Engelgau
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Feb 09 2005
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Book studio time by the hour - $55 / hr includes either Miles or Gene (me) as collaborators, engineers, or musicians as needed. Book by 4 hr block for $200.


By Project, A project being a completed Song or Demo, or group of songs - The cost for this service varies widely depending on your project. It can range from as little as $600/song for simple/beats/cover songs - to $1200 or more/song or more for complex fully arranged, original material where we do original compositions and with complex post production work. This also works best for artists at remote location where we work here to create you backing tracks and music, and you record vocals or your instrument at a local studio. We mix and master here. Discounts availbale for multiple song projects.