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I have a deep love for multiple genres of rock and some metal. My musicianship is quite creative and broad but my taste in music is narrow: rock and some metal. I like to experiment with music and not be limited by genres though, like how Avenged Sevenfold is a great metal band that also makes some country and hard rock songs. My brother and dad are both drummers, and my uncle was the drummer of a successful band in Baltimore (though you've probably never heard of them) Papercup/Shor Patrol. I can do some guitar and bass and a lil vocals... I also like to "write" music. I like music real and passionate, I'd rather hop up on a stage with a band and rock as opposed to being a mostly studio band that makes music that has a lot of fake rap/pop type sounds. Don't get me wrong though, I can do studio recording, and have recorded a few songs with professional recording studios and with my uncle who has a studio with professional recording equipment and Pro Tools. It's hard to find young musicians that are willing to be dedicated to a band where I live, but I really want to be in one. In November 2018 I met with a bassist from this site which I really like and have jammed with a few times and we'd both love to be in a band so right now I'm focused on creating a band with him. I would be totally ecstatic if we could get a guitarist and/or vocalist and whatever else we might want. I have the equipment to host a 3-4 piece band at my house and record studio albums with my uncle for free. I don't like musicians who isolate themselves and don't play with other people. Even if you're not that good, throw a guitar on and lets rock, call me. btw im 16 not 18, had to put that to make my account. 404-376-1919

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Foo Fighters, Audioslave, RHCP, Blink 182, Avenged Sevenfold, Arctic Monkeys (Only first 4 albums), The Eagles, Rush, System of a Down, a little Metallica, a little Rage Against the Machine, Soundgarden, Green Day, and sooooo forth. I aim to make a band which has aspects of these bands and is similar to famous rock bands but is also different; a hard kick-ass foo fighters-type band which is based around the unity and friendship of the band, but not one which does drugs and is concerned about popularity and what other people think.

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Gretsch 8-piece drumset, 4-piece conga set, keyboard and keyboard amp, 4 vocal mics and an amp for them, 1 Epiphone Les Paul guitar and another cheap SG Epiphone and 2 guitar amps, and one bass and a bass amp. My guitar and bass set up is relatively weak; the 2 guitar amps are under 75 watts but the bass amp is 75 watts. I'm assuming a guitarist would have their own amp (not that you would necessarily need to bring it). and my bass boi has a sexy warwick bass ( ?° ?? ?°)