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i am a mult instrumentalist who loves most all genres of music accept 90's punk and most alternative rock music past the 90's. in my freet ime i mostly listen to late 70s and 80s jazz fusion like the yellowjackets, the rippingtons ,weather report and, chick corea electric band. i also listen to allot of 70s and 80s pop and R&B. i have been playing drums and percussion professionally for almost 10 years now, im very solid with timing and very easy to write or jam with with the simple solid beats i usually like to play. i do love playing in very fast tempos and playing in a very syncopated way with the bassist and what ever the music does, i would like to play in unison with runs and passages, complex or not. i have been singing as well as keeping time and i like to believe i do it well. i also sing back up harmony..yes i know the third and the fifth, and even the 7ths of what ever melody needs to be harmonized. i have a strong music ear, the sense of knowing my notes in a scale and being able to visually and mentally see where they are in relation to the chord tones..1 ..3..5..1 so for that i have been kinda directing most of the band practices i have experienced in my 9 years of playing. as a bass player i also have a good ear in identifying chord progressions very quickly and just playing root notes with a rhythmic and dynamic feel and a guitar player i can do the chord progressions usually on the spot and i can figure out guitar solos but not as quick. im not ready to play keyboards or piano professionally at the moment, but i do play keys if i where to demonstrate how a song is written or to just teach someone the chords or melody with the key notes, but i would most likely be using guitar for that.

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__"Rush"__Boston__Emerson Lake and Palmer__YES__"journey"__Blue oyster cult__Motley crew__ "Judas Priest"__Hall and oats__""Michael McDonald"__Michael Jackson__"Madonna"__Prince__"Huey Lewis"__The Eagles__"Jackson Browne"__Lynard skynard__Waylon Jennings__ Those bands and artist had a huge influence on me since the day i decided to play and focus to music.As a drummer, i love neil peart's confident drum strokes and certain accents that dont over ride the basic repeating accents that eventually make up a good chunk of the song. also love the melodic harmony
and melody's and a reminiscent emotion that rush has made me feel when i play or listen to them, its a positive feeling..for me..
i am a huge fan of Chick Corea and everything he has ever done and still does to thids day, i am always pump when i get to listen to him and the musicians he picks out to play with him in his projects i have an obsession with a song of his called "King Cockroach" i have yet to meet a musician who would take the time to learn this song and really be able to play it physically and also feel the beat and add color to that piece of music..if it were to ever be practices or preformed, its a veryy busy song and is really stimulating to play and even listen to.
i also really have a great time listening to hall and oats and playing around with some of their songs.and trying to play those songs with the same amount of energy and ease and leting the music still lift me like it would if i had not heard it in a year or so. For me, when i really try to pretend like i have not heard a song in years, even if i have heard it recently..that placebo like effect really makes me play the song with child like interests and motivation that.(in my opinion) that really makes the slight swing and flow make the music sound better and is easyier to learn and understand.

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full drum set, 13" hi hats, 18" crash, 20" inch ride, 21" inch metal ride.
Precision Bass guitar...non working bass amp(needs a little fix)
Electric Guitar, tube amp...................................................................................ALSO i got paper and pencils and highlighters to organizing our setlist, and warm ups, and all the IDEAS we can come up with no matter how stupid or embarrassing or unprofessional it may seam at the 'moment.
TBH i would like to say that the most valuable equipment is my ability to play the drums very quietly without losing the feel or not being as precise, in other words we wont need to turn our 20 watts
amps up to 10 to try and hear yourself...the quiet drums will be easy and productive to work with. unless you guys got the good old tube amps and a P.A.. in use. what ever works.