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Work in progress....no band name yet, I am searching for other like minded musicians. Lookin to form a Love Triangle.....I mean, a Power Trio. Also, I would prefer any interested parties to be around the same age as me (29). This is a posting for an original band.

Here goes my spiel:

A little bit about me, I'm a drummer. I grew up with Classic Rock and as I got older I listened to pretty much everything. I love Grunge a lot. My drumming style is similar to Dave Grohl
and John Bonham. Lots of energy and lots of crash with a good emphasis on the bass drum. Let me be clear though, I'm not even close to their level of awesomeness. I'm a good drummer not a great one. But I aspire to be :) I love music. If I don't make an album or something now I'm probably going to regret it for the rest of my life. I'm extremely creative and I love to write, so I already have many, many, many pages of lyrics. I do have a semi-specific vision for the band I want to be in, but I'm not the guy who wants to call it my band. I have a good idea of what will be successful in today's music climate. If you know your sh*t you should too.

About my semi-specific vision: Rock sucks right now. It's gotten too poppy. And I mean the bad kind of pop. The arena rock, anthem, record label pop. God it's awful. We must crush these sissy rockers into their graves!! I wanna be in a band that dabbles in rock, grunge, funk, pop, progressive, and psychedelic...this band has to be weird. Straight forward rock n' roll aint gonna cut it anymore. We need to bring back skiffle (a favorite technique of the beatles), we need to not give a fu*k about what people think about our music, we need to make sounds and songs that get stuck in everyone's head, then we need to explode those heads with awesomeness!!!

Singer: I'm looking for a male singer who can really belt it out, maybe with some rasp too. Someone who isn't afraid of being eccentric and throwing their personality into the track.

Bassist: I love a great bass riff. A great band has the sound of the bass upfront. Not hidden behind a guitar or vocalist (those melodic bastards). Think of any great band, that bassist is always prominent.

Guitarist: I like riff monsters. You need to know the difference between a good riff and a great riff. And don't be afraid of experimentation! That's the kind of guitarist you should be.

FYI, I have a real nice jam space at my house.

I know that's a lot. Thanks for reading. Message me if any of this sounds like what you want out of a band. Or email me: drummer4987 at Geeee Male

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