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In addition to my local radio show i'm a Studio bassist as well as club dj have many talents in the music field. Been playing bass over 15 years strongsince i was 10 years old (never switched to guitar at any time strickly bass) been in many of bands some small time touring but never shows over 3000 people, DJin is another story beeen doin that since 96' and have a passion for layin it down. Have had alot of fun over the years and hope to have many years ahead to do what i desire the most

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This is a tuff topic for me because i get influence from everything that i see that's art . It's very narrow minded to say i get my influence from a type of music due to the fact there's so many i've heard and so many i havn't heard but i can pretty much see music in everthing even every day life, not just the drama around it


I got a gang of equipment ranging from turntables, samplers, beat machines, midi keyboards, live P.A. stuuff, to three diffrent bass riggs in use, i'm constently lookin for bigger and better stuff (My motto: GO BIG OR GO HOME) everyday to improve forward like Old school vintage stuff! Never really was a big digital fan, analog is more my style, like to tweak those knobs and have full control in doin so! Just hit me up and we will talk about it!