Tribunal Recording


Hello and welcome! As I would like to give you a first impression and a good idea of what I do around my business!

I am a young practitioner of sound engineering and mastering, in fact I have been working on tracks for only about 4 years now.

My skills have developed in a way to where, I will have my clients vision expressed, their sound made clear. And I can give that exact imagination they perceived in a real track.

I mix with multiple DAW’s and use multiple sets of VST 4 & VST 5 software and plug ins.
I have some outboard compressors and a mixer which I pair with these devices to use in a bus mix.

I am extremely malleable with my work flow and whatever sound you need to be made and controlled, we can have it for you.

If our work goes well and you would like to engage with this company more, we do studio recording.

Not only that, we will go to your recording space with gear!
to not only record and engineer, but we are build up of musicians who can help with your work!

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Chris Trevino
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Jun 10 2022
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Due to my recent introduction into this business and the infancy of my company, these prices are very affordable to build a customer community.

(These are subject to change over time)

Mixed and Mastered:
Single Track- 50$
1-3 Track EP- 75$
1-6 track LP- 125$
1-8 track Rec- 150$
1-10 track Rec- 175$