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Ciegie Deeyai is a clever play on the strings of a traditional 4 string cello from lowest to highest open string. Since I have 5 strings now, I have thought about altering it, but decided against it. ^^

Ice Dancing is 3 tracks of cello. Two on bow, one on fingerstyle, all of them me. Recorded in the local library's piano room.

Save me was made in a motel bathroom. All voices are mine, all effects are what bandlab makes available, aside from the natural resonance of the room.

Funeral Pyre was when I was still a little sick, all tracks are my voice, finger snaps and a broken dollar tree hairbrush are the only percussion. Pre-effects days of bandlab. The sickness in my voice gave it a nice rasp. I used that to my advantage.

Die hard freeflow cellist. Devoted to my instrument. Quick learning, and no sheet music required. Improv, mimicry, earplay and unconventional skills. I'll be looking forward to the challenges. Call me Ciegie, its a nickname I've earned proudly. I play from my soul. When it comes to my cello, always be sure to have an open mind to the true possibilities of the instruments voice. I have my tricks, ask me about it. ^^

I do sing but prefer cello. I create music a lot on my phone, and have a few of them on here.

I jam free for sanity, and I don't work for free, but am happy to negotiate work you may have for me. If I don't jam I'll just feel stagnant and toxic, and so I am eager. All I ever wanted is more cello time in life. Always more cello. Forget the imagined limitations of this instrument and traditional genres you imagine it is bound to, and let's just flow. Forget the preconceived notions, you lead, and I follow. I am open and capable for pretty much anything. If you play to sooth yourself, and understand the power in making music breathe, you will love me. Even if you're a beginner, I can help you get faster and stronger, and you'll get better faster. I would encourage you. Ask me about my equipment in more detail, I'd be pretty happy to talk if you have any questions. ^^

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Bjork, Beck, currently really into Elsiane. I listen to a lot of chill and trance music during my downtime. A genre called Chillout Funkstep Soul has been interesting.

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Me? transportation please, my little folding stool, my cellos (acoustic and electric), my cello bow, and my guitar picks. Two amps, 15 watt and 45 watt, I have my own solar gear for playing my electric cello anywhere and also have an acoustic. Both are a non-traditional 5 strings, with the 5th being a low F for bass range. If you need to contact me personally, seeing as I might not be online, I leave you my contact number.
Drop me a text message when you get the chance. I always itch to jam and if you call, be aware I am usually awake around 6-7am and since I have no gigs I go to bed at 8:30pm-10pm. My schedule would change if I actually had something to do.

To those of you who read this and made it all the way through, thank you very much for your time. ^^

Don't let the number fool you, I am here in Redding CA. Here's my Cell#

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