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Hey, I have a project that I would like to start playing shows with ASAP! I have an album on iTunes and Amazon, and profiles on most social networks. Befriend me and I will befriend back at my earliest convenience! Right now I have all the material I could need with 200 songs written and counting. I am just slowly putting out albums as money comes in, but I would like to do shows so I can start promoting ASAP. All my time and money goes towards to this, and Ii you would like to join our group, we just ask that you come to band practice and shows prepared, and are hopefully prepared to start touring whenever money allows. Right now, we mainly need a drummer to get things going, a drummer is our top priority, as we have guitarist through me, and our bassist is extremely committed. I have a team for studio musicians, so I just need folks that are willing to play shows and add their own flare to our songs. We would also like to add lots of members that play all sorts of instruments. I am really going for that big band/alternative/Bon Iver meets Arcade Fire sound. We're ruffin' up stuff for shows, and things are get a little louder then the album, so be very prepared to add your own flare to the material, because in my opinion, people can hear the albums at home. The live shows will have each have lives of their own! Please contact me immediately if you are remotely interested. I would like to start having try outs immediately! So if you wanna Rock and you got music in your soul dying to get out on a stage please hit me up! I patiently await. Email me at contactcityofvermin,
my website with links to everything is .cityofvermin. Can not wait to allow our souls to collide in magic harmony!
Also, as a side note right now, we are practicing 2-4 nights a week, but we do it as much as we possibly can. Cortland is free most nights after nine to do a headphone jamn but the rest of the week varies in schedule for the full jamn sessions. We would like to start doing gigs within a month!

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City of Vermin
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Aug 01 2015
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Gigs played:
10 to 50
Tend to practice:
2-3 times per week
35 years


Foo Fighters, Arcade Fire, Elliot Smith, Radiohead, Nirvana, The Cure, Red Hot Chili Peppers, David Bowie, The Mars Volta, The Beatles, Incubus, Everclear, Deftones, and TONS more, loads of indie and other alternative rock!

Members Of Band

Cortland Johnson: lead vocals, guitar
Saul Zelaya: Bass, back-up vocals
(YOUR NAME HERE): Drums (if possible, even TWO drummers)
(YOUR NAME HERE): any instrument to add to the noise


We both also work at Musician's Friend, so expect this list to get much much larger! My paychecks usually tend to go towards new gear!
For right now, we have the following:
A crummy Pearl drum set and an electric Simmons set,
we have a crummy PA that we play through to be louder then the drums.
Hofner bass, Telecaster and Stratocaster guitars