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Songwriter/player only. I'M NOT A SINGER. I sing on work tapes only. So save your mean vocal critiques for someone who claims to be a singer haha ...

I'm seeking great female vocalists for band/gigs/recording/tours. Music is approx alt pop lounge rock. Some hipster elements. Some punk elements. Lyrics are mostly not postmodern. More romantic. Some sardonic humor but not neghead. My songs are highly original but the basic structure of this project is not new: rhythm section guys below and female vocals above (the fray).

Song samples are cellphone work tapes: just vocal, acoustic guitar, metronome. Samples are not my best songs. They're from my early period. But they're good basic tunes. Full band versions will rock. Energetic vocals and driving drums. Final record production will be cool indie rock mix and not cheesy pop sheen.

Note my song samples have too mellow a vibe: I am singing low (such as it is) in the girl keys and playing acoustic. Use your imagination as to the impact of high energy versions.

So god gave me certain gifts but not any singing talent. I was frustrated by this until I realized that I wasn't supposed to do music all by myself but instead give up some control (the horror!). And so I've made it my mission to go out and find the people who have these skills I lack. And together we will be on the path to great things.

(Btw I set age 99 as a filter. Works great! I'm contacting only singers who sound right for this project or maybe singers who can do demos.)

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Writing influences from all decades: Cole Porter to Minutemen, Chrissy Hynde to da Strokes. What I seek is great vocal talent to match my songs in roughly the VOCAL styles of Cranberries, No Doubt, Sixpence, B-52's, Blondie, Pretenders etc plus many more i.e. a beautiful voice that can shift to a rock gear. Do you have a rock gear? Can you do the quieter stuff AND the rock. If you sing in soft mode only then this project is less of a good fit for you.

My writing is a bit range-eey in pitch (1.5 octaves plus) and also wide ranging in style. I'm leaning toward two female singers with duties split approx 50-50. But if someone is amazing then they'll get 70% leads or more. I like cool harmonies. I like banshee unison singing on certain tunes. I like multiple singers so if one is sick the other can take up slack etc. We will have an occasional male lead vocal (bassist or drummer Ringo etc): ~5% of songs. Some variety is good. Fans like it. I like it.

Also you should know I don't write girl power lyrics. My themes are more universal. I have some slower softer songs but most material is uptempo and some is very fast (not crappy fast but fast and coherent). Above all my stuff is coherent and stripped of fraudulent bs. I define "fraudulent bs" as the boring section of a piece of music where the listener is waiting around for something to happen. With me THE WAITING IS OVER. My chord changes and song structures are awesome. You won't be bored you won't be disappointed.

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Equipment: Sprawling assortment. But gear is not the key to success. My most valuable equipment is a jumbo collection of finished songs. Not just one or two.

Seeking talented, sane, hard working, committed singers. People not looking for lurve or a way to improve their social life. Rump shakers go somewhere else. I don't need pretty faces with mediocre talent. There's nothing mediocre about my songs. I need real singers. Looking for professional attitude. Ambitious.

Anyway the point of this project is not to get famous. The point is to bring inspiration and joy to people's lives through the power of music. Stop and think about the importance of music in our lives. Music is a miracle but it takes energy and initiative to bring it to the public. The business part requires tenacity. It takes grit. I am grateful to all the legends of the past who swam through the oceans of crap to get their music out there. You gotta fight for it. And therefore I am looking for fighters.

Bottom line: I am here, ultimately, to make art. Seeking partners in that worthy endeavor. The world is out there waiting.

Think about all we can accomplish!

It's gonna be so great I can hardly wait!


Song 1: LOVE IN THE SPACE AGE ..... Work tape: 1st verse only

It's not today
But soon
True love will fly me
To the moon
We'll be futuristic
Rocket love to the space age

Song 2: THERE IS NO LOVE LIKE REAL LOVE ..... Work tape, 1st verse only

There is no love like real love
There is no kiss like your kiss
There is no one like your one
There is no other like this
There is no love like genuine love

Song 3: NOW YOU SEE IT ..... Work tape, bridge only

Not too far away
Not too long ago
I heard the people say
We have a permanent
Status quo
Oh no
Now you see it
Now you don't
Now you see it
But soon you won't

Song 4: CLOSER LOVE ..... Work tape, 1st verse + channel + 2nd verse only

Help me
'Cause I'm deep in love
With the one
I shouldn't dream of
It's just a crush
That's gonna go away
So I tell myself
Every passing day
But each time
She's next to me
My heart says
We are meant to be

Song 5-6: SERENITY ..... Work tape, 1st verse + chorus start

Fills my heart
And surrounds
My mind
I know
It won't last
It goes past
Then it's gone
So I
Resolve to live
In this moment
I love you
So much
Why can't time stand still?
And leave us
Perfectly tranquil

Song 7-8: THERE'S SOMETHING I WANTED TO TELL YOU ..... Work tape, 1st verse + chorus + 2nd verse only

There's something I wanted to tell you
Something that really can't wait
I wanted to keep it a secret
But now that you're going away
There's something I wanted to tell you
Something I wanted to tell you
I love you more
Than words can say
I love you more
Than words can say
There's something I wanted to give you
Something you really must take
Some time to think
About cutting our link
And how the ties will break

Song 9-10: WE WERE IN LOVE ..... Work tape: 1st verse only

We were in love
And nothing else mattered
When you're in love
Oh, nothing else matters
I took a long walk
Out to the place where we began
But our reflection in the water
Was blown away by the wind
Still I will render
And effect
A benign truth

Song 11: LOVE & OBSCURITY..... Work tape: 1st verse + chorus

You leave me
In obscurity
Oh, each and every time you pass by
Don't be cool
Don't freeze the miniscule
Is there no chance
Of melting your cold, cold heart?
I feel like mush
Flattened like a bug
On your road of love
I've been hit by a truck
On you I am stuck
Your windshield's a cold
And lonely place
To end up

(String buzz on the guitar in this take makes the last "cold" sound like "clean" which kinda ruins the lyric.)

Song 12: DARLING IT'S YOU ..... Work tape, 1st verse only

Well, darlin', it's you
And nobody else
No one can make me feel like you do
And I want you to myself
So, darlin', it's you