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    This is a pretty faithful cover of the US Album Remix version of Rio, with one exception; the Bolan-esque rhythm guitar that Andy played in the chorus on the 'As the lights go down' version has been added underneath the second saxophone solo at the end. The intro sound effect, Simon's vocal and Andy Hamilton's two saxophone solos were taken from the original isolated tracks.

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Classiomatica is an attempt to faithfully re-create Duran Duran's classic Rio album. Over the course of 394 hours/206 days, every attempt was made to use either the same keyboards, guitars, amps, drums, mics and effects that the band used back in 1982, their modern re-issues, or as close to the original makes and models as possible.

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* Keyboards: Roland Jp-08; TAL-U-NO-LX; KBplugs Rolend SH-12; Roberson Audio Prophanity; FalkeLab Stringer; Krakli StingerMax; 4Front (for the piano); TX16Wx (for the ocarina); Yamaha PSR (for the marimba)

* Bass: 1984 Aria Pro II SB-1000 (in passive mode); Status Graphite S2 fretless (the least authentic instrument on here)

* Acoustic guitar: Epiphone Masterbilt

* Electric guitar: Fender Stratocaster with a Dimarzio humbucker in the bridge and a Floyd Rose Original

* Amps: Marshall Vintage Modern; Marshall JMP-1

* Mics: Shure SM57, MXL 770

* Drums: Hydrogen Drums (with a Simmons sample)

The saxophone and intro on Rio, and the vocals to Rio and Hungry like the wolf are from the original isolated tracks.