PROJECT MAKE SENSE LOCALARTIST,60 pieces of music received.Project in constant evolution This project is-non-profit and will remain so.WEB RADIO:PARTICIPANT:Any singer,songwriter(amateur,profes
sional,independant from aroud the world who create original material i am in the period of recruitment of artists and material to have on my web site while waiting to have enough material to build my web radio and its programming. I want to make it like a fm with no advertising. Each 2-hour program will introduce artist from a specific city or region.

Each 2-hour program will be divided into 8 segments of about 15 minutes featuring 8 different artists and different styles from a specific city or region. This is for music content. Each artist will as well comment on the music, to answer questions of the host.

So when I will have enough material to produce more than one program (This takes a number of artists) the programming will be done continuously. Il will record and be delivered as a podcast. The mix of amateur, professional, independent artists shows an expanded palette of musical creation. That's what I currently have in stock and that's what I want for my radio.Hope to have you as
participant.For more information or participate,contact me Clément Morin,project manager.

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